Joshua Hoffine’s Horror Photography

15 Jul

Some people have weak stomachs, some can’t stand the sight of blood, others aren’t too fond of horror. If you are amongst these group of people then stop reading now.

If you are a true horror fan be it film, books, comics or say photography, then you might want to learn more about Joshua Hoffine, horror photographer extraordinaire.

Hoffine as he states on his website is interested in the psychology of fear. Through horror photography he is able to represent these abstract fears in literal terms. He presents these images through the grammar of a child, wanting the viewer to empathize with the child, sharing their point of view with us to gain a sense of their vulnerability.  The photographs function as a medium by which to express cautionary metaphors about the potential danger that lurks everywhere in the world.

Feast you eyes on his amazing horror photography work…

He used friends and family members and even his own daughter as actors and crew.

See more photography on Joshua Hoffine’s website. He also has an Etsy Shop.

All images © Joshua Hoffine

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