Exhibitions: Deborah T. Colter and Charlotte Foust at Gallery KH Chicago

18 Jul

Opening July 23, 2010, Gallery KH will present a new collection of mixed media abstract paintings by artists Deborah T. Colter and Charlotte Foust, titled ‘Surface Elements’ which will run through August 31, 2010. An opening night cocktail reception is scheduled for Friday, July 23rd, 5-8PM. All gallery events are free and open to the public.

Deborah T. Colter – Serene Reflection

“It is an interesting dichotomy in the way Colter & Foust handle the paint in their compositions. While both artists use collage elements to create layers and depth to their work, Colter keeps her paint in a somewhat geometric pattern. Whereas Foust works more loosely with much more movement in the final work.” says Kristen Hagan, Gallery KH Co-Director. Hagan continues, “Both artists are extremely successful in their craft and this show has come together quite nicely as a result.”

Deborah T. Colter – Calculated Confidence

Deborah T. Colter – Concealed Focus

Deborah T. Colter – Beyond the Box

North Carolina artist Charlotte Foust developed a keen imagination and a desire to connect with others through self-expression from an early age. The artist is attracted to the ability of art to be both a highly charged internal process and a medium for sharing the resulting energy with strangers. Known for her love of texture and color, Foust’s heightened tactile sense allows her to trust a line or brushstroke to guide the direction of the work. As a result, both her abstract and figurative work lend themselves to both decorative and emotional impact.

Charlotte Foust – Sunset

States Foust, “My work evolves from working intuitively with line, paint, and collage elements. From the repeating of line and gesture – faces and figures emerge from the process. By not censoring what comes through, the images are an exploration of both personal and cultural motifs.”

Charlotte Foust – Tower

Charlotte Foust – Counterbalance

Exposed to art by her architect father, Deborah Colter learned the discipline of art at an early age. This control can easily be seen and felt in the geometric and almost hieroglyphic patterns she creates. Within her paintings, Colter strives to capture the fleeting moments and images that travel rapidly through the mind and represent these thoughts in the layers of color, texture and repeating marks within the work. Her artistic language is an abstract collection of marks, textures and color, repeating shapes and forms, with which she seeks to find a balance of chaos and harmony. Often these marks will reflect architectural landscapes, roads, maps, repeated patterns, or colors as if seen from above, acting as a visual record book of the mind.

State Colter, “My challenge as a painter is to find an exciting balance between the pandemonium of my thoughts and the multitude of images and events that bombard our daily lives. I trust the inner thoughts of the mind as they reveal themselves purely through the act of creating.”

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