Art News: Titanic Expedition To Create 3D Map of Wreckage & Controversy Over Crucifixion Exhibit at Jewish Gallery

27 Jul


Painting by Willy Stöwer

A team of scientists will launch an expedition to the Titanic next month to assess the deteriorating condition of the world’s most famous shipwreck and create a detailed three-dimensional map that will “virtually raise the Titanic” for the public.

The expedition to the site 2½ miles beneath the North Atlantic is billed as the most advanced scientific mission to the Titanic wreck since its discovery 25 years ago.

The 20-day expedition is to leave St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Aug. 18 under a partnership between RMS Titanic Inc., which has exclusive salvage rights to the wreck, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. The expedition will not collect artifacts but will probe a 2-by-3-mile debris field where hundreds of thousands of artifacts remain scattered. Read whole article: artdaily


Ben Uri Gallery is the first UK Museum and the first Jewish Museum internationally to trace the evolving representation of the Crucifixion from strictly Christian and religious iconography to a generic expression of anguish, designed specifically to elicit shock and contemplation.

In the exhibition, are twenty-one international artists, each bringing a very individual narrative drawn from a century of turbulent change. This exhibition dramatically illustrates that when the modern is juxtaposed with the traditional within the framework of such a sensitive subject, the result is both visually and intellectually compelling.

The Ben Uri Gallery, London’s Jewish Museum of Art has stirred up controversy by showcasing this exhibit of crucifixion paintings. On the left is ‘Apocalypse en Lilas’ by Marc Chagall.

Critics denounced the show, “Cross Purposes: Shock and Contemplation in Images of the Crucifixion”, as inappropriate for a Jewish museum. Benjamin Perl, a patron of the gallery went so far as to say the museum was “trying to play to the non-Jews. Read whole article: art newspaper

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