Video Games: ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’ Unveiled by Nintendo at E3 2010

21 Jun

Seeing this news immediately transported me back to my Donkey Kong Country playing days. The days I’d stay up all night playing, and leave the game on pause during the day till I came home from work, so I continue right were I left off. I kept the game on a full week…and finished it of course. Ah, the joys of thumb-itis.

And now this classic returning! We’re so exited. Here is the trailer.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is developed by Metroid Prime creators Retro Studios. The game will feature the same familiar 2D gameplay that players have come to expect of the franchise. The trailer shows Donkey and Diddy making their way through levels of mine carts, swinging from vines, and fighting through pirate ships.

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