‘The Sky Tonight: 30 Days of Dusk’ Photography Project

9 Jun

We have taken on a 30 day photography project titled “The Sky Tonight: 30 Days of Dusk“, where we snap a photo of the sky (from the exact same spot in our backyard) at around dusk. The time fluxuates (because the axis of spin of the Earth is not vertical to the plane between the Earth and the Sun, obviously) but the shots are snapped right before the sun dips to visit the other half of the world.

The interesting thing about this is we are not using an standard point and shoot camera for these photos, instead using a cell phone (Palm Pre) camera. We’re suckers for simplicity.

It is quite amazing to see how different the range of colors and cloud formations are on any given day. At the end of 30 days worth of shots (give or take a missed day due to some unforseen reason we cannot be in our backyard), we shall put them all into collage form.

This was the first picture…

You can currently find the other two photos we have taken thus far on our Gilbert Musings: Art Collected mini-blog or follow our progress on our Gilbert Musings Flickr page. There was a few days gap from the first photo because the project wasn’t decided on yet.

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