The Multi-Faceted Artist David Byrne

12 Jun

Sure you know musician David Byrne, the man who co-founded the new wave pop group Talking Heads (1976–88) in New York. But he’s not just involved in music. He also dabbles (and I use the term loosely) in other artistic endeavors, such as installation artist, author, blogger, photographer, film director and PowerPoint enthusiast.

Byrne has combined exhibitions with public art with billboards in Belfast and Toronto, subway posters in Stockholm, fly posters during the presidential election in NY, LA and Chicago and lightboxes in the streets of San Francisco and Sydney, Australia to name a few.

His most recent projects include Playing the Building, an interactive installation which turned a building into a giant musical instrument; Voice of Julio / Vox de Julio, a singing robot, and a series of bike racks installed on streets of New York city. (He is an avid cyclist.)

Here are some samples of David Byrne’s artistic creations.

Plastic doll series David Byrne did of himself.




Installation pieces.

Instead of information in these information kiosks he installed multiple-choice questions, the kind one might encounter on a psychological test created by a slightly crazy person. The questions and their answers attempt to provoke moral dilemmas—situations in which no answer is really acceptable.

Tree Drawings from the book ‘Arboretum’.

Photography work.

Installation view: Individual Pictures, “Elective Affinities: A Trade Show Demonstration”

David Byrne and the New York City Department of Transportation, in conjunction with New York art gallery PaceWildenstein, produced nine unique bicycle racks designed by DB and installed in various locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Here is a TED Blog video, of David Byrne exploring how context has pushed musical innovation, from bird calls across savannahs to urban car stereos, which was recorded at TED2010, February 2010 in Long Beach, California. Duration: 16:00.

You can visit the website of David Byrne to learn more about his work.

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