Useful Websites: ‘Click That Link’ (June 9)

9 Jun

We all love posts with links to cool stuff we either want to know about, we never knew existed, or love to read about. Well, we peruse the internet for such things, so you don’t have to. ‘Click That Link’, is a complied list of useful website links worth checking out.

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NEW YORK BLOGS - A hand full of blogs that focus on the in’s and out’s and intricate workings of the city that never sleeps.

Chelsea Hotel Blog – Notes from the most famous bohemian hotel in Chelsea.

Ephemeral New York – Faded and forgotten artifacts of New York.

Forgotten New York – Quirky finds about New York City.

NewYorkology – A New York Travel Guide

NY Curbed – Want to know what dwelling are available, or information about buildings and landmarks in certain neighborhoods…check out Curbed

NYC Taxi Photo – Photos taken in the city from taxi cabs.

Kinetic Carnival – All things Coney Island.


Link Creme – Great place for web design inspiration.

Multicolr Search Lab –  We are loving this.  They extracted the colors from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr and you can navigate the collection by color. As you can see I chose the color purple

and then added red. It’s endless.


Tales of Things – An online ‘video’ memory bank akin to a time capsule on the internet.

Tales of Things allows just that with a quick and easy way to link any media to any object and capture memories of objects and playing them back via small readable and writeable QR codes and RFID tags.

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