10 Anti-Mothers Day Gifts For Bad Mothers

6 May

We all love our mothers. Or do we? If your struggling with let’s say a not too nice mother-in-law or you just all around hate your mom (hey there’s a few out there somewhere)…then you might just appreciate these items.

No disrespect to mothers anywhere…here are some Anti-Mother’s Day items you can get a kick out of.

The Anti-Mother’s Day Certificate

Don’t beat around the bush…tell it like it is. Be blunt…with this I Hate You Card.

Your mom always complaining you never turned out quite how she planned. Let your mother know what a stellar child you have been, give her this Checklist Card of things you haven’t done and stop her bitchin.

Give the gift of roses. Yes, you can show how much you hate you mother and send her a box of dead roses at Rotten Roses for a mere $29.95.

Or perhaps this Stinky Bear replete with skunk odor.

Were you one of eight children? Never were paid attention to? Then here’s a Heffer Necklace. Perfect for Octomoms everywhere. You really can’t purchase it, so the thought will have to count.

How about a box of chocolates? Go one step further and give these tasty treats…Chocolate Covered Insects. They’re made in the USA, it’s patriotic.

Is your mom a dog lover? Then this t-shirt is perfect. Force her to put it on in front of the whole family at that really expensive Mother’s Day brunch with the whole family in attendance.

Here’s a gift you can give yourself and wear it on Mother’s Day and totally ruin the day for her. I dare you!

And last but not least…the virtual Bitch Slap Card. For those who wish to spend no money at all.

We hope we helped in your gift giving decisions and we wish you all a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

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May 6th, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Enter your comments here…LMAO!!!! LOVE IT!!!

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