Artist Spotlight: The Humorous and Naughty Illustrations of John Cuneo

3 Apr

Master illustrator John Cuneo ‘s work has been seen in many national publications such as the Atlantic Monthly to New Yorker Magazine to Rolling Stone to Reader’s Digest. While his works below can be considered  thought provoking and insightful, he also has a naughty and morbid minded side. (See Wizard of Oz illustration.)

‘nEuROTIC’ Book Cover – John Cuneo

Ruth Madoff – ai500

Bush’s Final Eff You – Rolling Stone

New Yorker – October 2009

Reader’s Digest

Armpit Fetish – Esquire

Peel Skin

Visit Cuneo’s website to see more of his work. His NSFW section is here.  You can check out his nEuROTIC Book here.

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