Zoomquilt2 is Like a Mandelbrot on Acid

17 Mar

Have you ever seen a Mandelbrot? You know…those fractals with the effect of constant zooming in that never seems to end. The bizarre cartoon Superjail has that effect in it’s opening sequence. You can see a clip below. The zoom effect starts at the 1:29 mark. If your not into wacked-out, violently absurd cartoons, then I suggest skipping to it. Superjail’s sequence just touches upon it, whereas Zoomquilt, is slower and the art blends together seamlessly.

YouTube Preview Image

A collaborative art project called Zoomquilt, something I have seen before, has come into my sights again and I wanted to share it. The concept is: can a dozen plus different artists around the world paint the same canvas, and still have a cohesive work of art? The first Zoomquilt ever made was an eclectic collection of surreal and morbid scenes, each blending practically seamlessly into the next. The second, is even more extensive. It took two years to make, 34 artists and 88 images. It’s quite a trip to see.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to see it without music and much clearer…go here to check out the Zoomquilt2 in full glory action.

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