Useful Websites: ‘Click That Link’ (March 4)

4 Mar

We all love those posts…the ones where there are links to cool stuff we either want to know, we never knew existed, or love to read about. ‘Click That Link’, is a complied list of website links worth checking out.


Ten Word Wiki – for those who have ADHD. Everything is described in exactly ten words. So basically it’s the Cliff Notes Wiki version.

WSU – We’ve all been there. We use a word in a sentence that is incorrect and we don’t even know it. Enter this site Common Errors in English Usage. A tool, so you don’t look like a tool.

Bab.LaA dictionary and Language Translation Site offers a fabulous link with a list of 100 different blogs on living abroad. So if your thinking about moving over yonder…this is surely a helpful resource.

Where did I learn about this…well that brings me to the next link…

PocketCultures – a site that provides a place where you can go to find out about what life is really like in different countries that you haven’t traveled to, and hopefully to find even more information.

TSABlog - What to know what’s happening in airports, know more about the do’s and don’t of flight travel and read aviation news of the weird then the TSA Blog is for you.


Omnomicon –  This site has the most delicious looking food pictures, you’ll hear your stomach grumble. Not to mention some cool recipes and other kitchen and product tips.


HipsterKitty – LOLCats has some competition. For all you cat lovers this site is for you. I don’t know how anyone managed the dye on job on this poor kitty. They might have had to use tranquilizers, Mr. T style.

SmartKit – Sick of those point and click games? Do you like puzzles and want to think instead of  playing mind numbing Farmville? Well you’ll enjoy this site. Their tagline is “Puzzle Playground’.

TopTenz – Are you a list-a-holic? Do you like know the top 10 of anything and everything…then bookmark this site.


Grooveshark – A free online music streaming site. Grooveshark lets you search for music and build a playlist as soon as the site loads. No subscription necessary.


PoolgaWallpapers created by a selection of designers and illustrators from around the world.  They say it’s for iPhone and iPod Touch, but they work on Palm Pre phones as well. A site that offers wallpapers you will not see anywhere else.

Here’s an example:

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