Francis Coppola Wine Bottle Design: The Carmine by Stephen Faustina

31 Mar

Stephen Faustina designed this refillable wine bottle/jug for Francis Ford Coppola Winery. The bottle is etched all the way around, with a top and back label. The etched music notes around the bottle are actual music notes from Coppola’s father.

“When I was four years old, I played in the basement of our home where my father, Carmine, kept jugs of wine. In my attempt to carry a jug across the room, I slid a pencil through the glass loop in order to pick up the jug. Too heavy to support the weight of the bottle, the pencil snapped in two, and the jug shattered on the floor. That night, my father came home with my favorite dessert – cannoli – but he was so angry about the broken jug of wine, there was no dessert for me.” — Francis Ford Coppola

Nice twist on the ordinary wine bottle. A little rotund and quite reminiscent of wine bottles/jugs of yore. Won’t fit through a normal tilted wine holder, you need a wine cellar for this one.

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