Artist Spotlight: Dave MacDowell’s Pop Culture Infused Lowbrow Art Paintings

10 Mar

Bad Motha Eraserhead

Dave MacDowell recently has his amazing acrylic painting exhibited at the Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle, WA on March 4th. Who is he and what kind of work does he do? Well read on…

Dave MacDowell’s Lowbrow/ Pop Surrealism art focuses on Childhood Fantasy and our Contemporary Cultural Nightmare. From his paintings of “Miseryland”; an acid-drenched satire of Disney and America’s celebrity worship to, repeated themes of Samuel L. Jackson and Jack Nicholson ; Dave’s work holds up a carnival mirror to a media-obsessed American dream that is spinning out of control.

David MacDowell was raised by a television set, and soaked in culture like a sponge. A self-taught artist, he incorporates media and social themes into brilliant and controversial satirical paintings. Never afraid of tapping into the dark side of American media worship, he tops off celebrity renderings with crying babies, candy colored nightmares, and a hilariously acidic sense of humor. Some have called his work a virtual “Disneyland on acid”. By bravely peeling away the veneer of pop culture, he validates the abused underbelly of society with x-ray glasses.

If your a fan of Lowbrow you will ove MacDowell’s work. My favorites include Lord of The Onion Rings and Lost Tiki.

Lost Tiki

Lord of the Onion Rings

Mad Magazine Tribute Show Piece

Breakfast Hawks

‘An Appetite for Veruca’ – Inspired by Robert William’s ‘Appetite for Destruction’

Duck and Cover

Beast of Burden

See all of his fab work on his website.

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