Shave That Baby Doll

25 Feb

The internet brings us some many great things and much needed information, but to top it off with a maraschino cherry (those things taste awful!) it is the one place you can find the most preposterous of things you have never seen in your life.

Enter…the ‘You Can Shave The Baby Doll’. Imagine Toys R Us stocking up on these. They’d fly off the shelves. Most likely as a gag toy but still. Future children’s Christmas lists across the nation: “Dear Santa, I would like a Shiny New Bike, Dora the Explorer Leapster video game¬†and…Shave the Baby Doll.” Parents across the world faint. But no parent has to worry, it is actually a peice of art! It is designed to highlight the socialization of girls.

via feministing via Raster Art

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