Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese Plan Sinatra Biopic

24 Feb

It’s about as official as it can be: According to Roger Friedman’s Showbiz411 blog (and other Internet sources) there will be, at long last, a major motion picture on the life of Frank Sinatra: Martin Scorsese will direct and Leonardo DiCaprio will star. Since Mr. Scorsese has the cooperation of the late singer’s family (they have been discussing such a project for at least 15 years), he will, thankfully, be able to use Sinatra’s classic recordings. The major question is, how believable will that legendary voice be when it is seen coming out of the face of Mr. DiCaprio? The central disappointment with the 1992 TV miniseries “Sinatra” was that it was impossible to suspend one’s disbelief: Leading man Philip Casnoff never seemed like anything other than a lip-syncing TV actor in a tuxedo. How are Messrs. Scorsese and DiCaprio going to do better? Is the obvious fact that Mr. DiCaprio is an icon in his own right going to help them or hurt them?
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