A new video is out from the folks over at Before & After Magazine. This time they cover how to design without graphics. There is a neat little trick you might not be aware of.

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To understand this video ‘Because Now I’m Worth It’ (from Above) better please read the text before watching. If you already watched the video without reading the text, please read the text then watch the video again.

Above states: “Last year I was traveling for 3-months around Europe and spent 2 weeks in Paris. One day when I was walking around Paris I found this spot but unfortunately I had just 1 day before my flight to Rome. After observing the large concrete frame on the wall, it gave me a lot of inspiration for several ideas on how to creatively interact with the un-used frame and location.

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Robert Gutierrez exhibition is currently on show at the Richard Heller Gallery and runs through November 13, 2010. Gutierrez was born in Manilia, Philippines, and lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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Illustrator and graphic designer Levi Jacobs curently lives in Breda/The Netherlands. With fantastic color combinations Jacobs produces superb graphic art that is both humorous and a bit twisted.

Here are some samples…

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In this video from NPR, learn about the billion bug highway that is above our heads and are all quite oblivious to.

Did you know there are 3 billion insects passing over your head in a summer month?

Credit: Benjamin Arthur, Robert Krulwich, Maggie Starbard, Ellen Webber

In this ‘Space Balloon’ video watch how a young boy and his father send a homemade spacecraft  (a weather balloon) consisting of camera and an i-Phone, along with some insulation, up into the stratosphere to record the blackness of space.



Meet Matthew Knight, an up and coming urban/lowbrow artist currently based in Ireland, whose psychedelic monster characters seem to pop off the canvas and beg to be touched. Knight is unconventional when it comes to his canvases, as he likes to use recycled materials in his work, bringing together something old, making it new and all his own. We had the opportunity to interview him about where he gets his ideas for his pieces, his influences that shaped his artistic style and what’s on the horizon, like his new ‘toy’ commission and upcoming shows.

You currently live in Belfast, where did you grow up?

I was actually born over in Cambridge, England; my mother is from Northern Ireland and my dad England. They worked for a health organisation and went over to Pakistan when I was 4. I loved all the years I spent there, the people I met, the smells, the palaces, temples, villages, Mosques, Bedford trucks, rickshaws and the food. Real Chicken Tikka, not the shit you get in the UK, was amazing. I am addicted to good spicy food.

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