No truer words have been spoken. An inspirational art print with a quote from Henry David Thoreau “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”.

This print is available from Falcor Digital.

In this video you get to see Gorillaz storyboard design for their single ‘Rhinestone Eyes’.

YouTube Preview Image

Can’t wait to see the actual video.

Art Water, the bottled water company that embraces design first, presents “Skin the Bottle Competition”, a contest that challenges the deviantART community to make its mark on the company’s water bottle by entering their own designs for the bottle’s label.

Three designs will be chosen, one each from the photography, digital art and traditional art categories. Winners will have their creative vision dress bottles of Art Water, plus receive $1,500 in prize money, $0.03 royalty for every bottle sold, 8,000 deviantART points and a one-year premium membership to deviantART.

We needed to make a statement that our BOTTLE IS OUR BRAND,” says Charlie Schein, CEO, Art Water. “For the bottle’s design, there was only one person to turn to.  Jason Castriota, the world famous supercar designer behind the Ferrari P4/5, Bertone Mantide, Rolls Royce Hyperion, Maserati Birdcage, Ferrari 599GTB and Maserati Gran Turismo. Now we’re turning to the artists at deviantART to decide what the artwork that dresses each bottle looks like.

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This Steampunk Cyborg Hare Marionette by GeahkBurchill (GB Designs) is for those who like the curious and uncommon. Even when lying still it quite expressive.

The marionette is 17″ tall and made primarily of Basswood. It is entirely hand carved and then treated with a wood-burned fur texture. The eyes are painted and glossy to convey life and the ears are made of synthetic leather. The leg is made of hand sculpted polymer clay, plastic, steel, brass, copper, aluminum, nylon and rubber. No animal parts were used in the creation of this wickedly awesome puppet.

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Illustrator Mario Sughi brilliantly captures light and shadow in his illustrations with the delicate application of eye-popping color reminiscent of vector art. His subjects are seemingly involved in everyday ordinary encounters, but this transforms into something much more intriguing upon further inspection. Whether it be a hint of “more to the picture than meets the eye” by placement of a subject or idea just far enough off the canvas to make you wonder, or subjects staring directly at you with a knowing look, you cannot help but to ponder “What are they thinking?”. His pieces are like a single page in a book, it gives just a hint of the story.

Fashionable lives: Foam (Laundrette)

Before moving to Dublin, Italian artist Mario Sugi (aka Nerosunero) he worked as a humorist for Italian satirical magazines II Male and Zut, in Rome, Italy at the end of the 1970′s. In the late 1980’s he moved to Dublin where he studied Medieval History and was awarded a PhD by Trinity College in 1995. We caught up with Mario and asked him some questions about his interests and about his artwork.

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Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn ( born 1957, in Bern, Switzerland), is one of the leading artists in the international contemporary art world and gained notoriety in the 1990s with his very labour intensive and space-filling collages made with cheap disposable material. Hirschhorn produces huge sculptures for both major art institutions and non-artistic sites in the periphery of the social domain. His actions primarily question the art world itself.

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We had the pleasure of attending the opening of ‘din din – An Exhibition of New Work by Jerry Mischak‘  at Industry Gallery last night which was held from 6:30 to 8:30pm in DC. The exhibit consisted of the installation piece dinner table/such a night which is a 36-ft long table with 40 plates, 80 pieces of flat ware, 45 glasses, 25 empty wine bottles, and 100 empty water bottles, all wrapped in more than 3000 yards of orange vinyl tape.  Also part of the exhibition were 12 chairs (found objects) that were reconstructed via sanding, cutting with addition of plastic, Styrofoam and wood. These chairs were also encased in various colored vinyl tape.

Mischak states “dinner table/such a night evokes the remnants and memories of a grand dinner. Who was there? Who did you sit next to? Where were the conversations? What was the food like? DId it get out of hand? Did you say the wrong things? Did you move ahead with your career? The chairs are separate thoughts from the enormous table, although as chairs they can relate.

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