The Art of Remed

16 Nov

Spanish artist Remed not only paints, he draws and produces gorgeous colorful wall murals. Here are some samples of his artwork.

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Utilizing LED lighting technology these menus make it easier for customers to clearly read your menu in dimly conditions. It features a rechargeable battery.

We recently had the pleasure of seeing one of these lighted menus in person the other day. They’re so cool, you ‘ll forget all about choosing your order for at least three minutes after you open it.


Gladstone Gallery announces an exhibition by British artist Sarah Lucas. Since the 1990s, Lucas has been developing a unique material vocabulary using everyday domestic items such as stockings, clothing hangers, lightbulbs, and beer cans to create objects that challenge our collectively inscribed codes of gender, sexual, and social normativity. Using male genitalia as her muse, Lucas captures the tension between the representational and the abstract, while retaining the insistent and underlying anxiety imbued in her particular mode of the abject.

Previous works: Prayer in the Square 2005

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This burger shaped vinyl wallet from Toddland would definitely cause some stares the next time you pull this baby out. Or maybe an awkward comment like “Nice buns.”  Now if it only came with bacon life would be complete.

Available from Urban Outfitters.

Award winning Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia started out as a graphic designer and illustrator working on film posters. With his sense of design and aesthetic, he produces these brilliant photographs in which unexpected objects come together to form fashion items. Bonavia works on the postproduction himself in order to fuse his style into every photographic piece.

These photographs are from the collection titled ‘Matter of Taste’. This book was published in 2008 which featuring Bonavia’s conceptual photos of food as fashion.

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‘A Life on Facebook’ tells the story of a man told through Facebook’s interface.

Goes to show how much you can glean from a Facebook profile.

We are pretty excited about the upcoming Washington Craft show which is just a week away. This show is not to be missed and neither is the work of Kirsten Stingle.

Kirsten Stingle, a ceramist and storyteller states “The ultimate goal of my work is to create honest depictions of the human quest toward self-revelation and a contemporary identity.”

Stingle hails from Alpharetta, Georgia, and believes that storytelling is an essential element of our very existence.  The artist uses her work not only to tell her own story, but also to stimulate conversation among others.

Salty and Sweet

“Storytelling connects us to one another and explains who we are,” says Stingle.  “In an age in which the individual is often alienated, my work attempts to cut through the isolation by presenting common threads of the human experience.” Early in her career, a fine arts degree in theater refined Stingle’s understanding of imagery and taught her to use gestures as powerful expressive tools. “However,” she says, “it is through figurative ceramics that I am able to fully realize my narrative impulse.”

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