Sunny Strasburg adheres to the philosophy that merging mind, body and spirit facilitates the deepest, long-term change. This in turn, opens us to live our lives fully engaged, excited and with a sense of purpose.

Here are some samples of her paintings…

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Animated music video for dutch duo Baskerville.

“A scientific experiment goes terribly terribly wrong.”


Written & Directed by: Marieke Verbiesen

Add some pixilated plush to your environment with these Denim Pixorama City cushions from eBoy.

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Grand People a design firm in Norway, create an organic CD Cover design for The New Wine new album “Waves”.

Waves is the debut album of “The New Wine”, a band described by some as four guys creating guitar and synth based pop with light riffs, aesthetic bass and steady beats.

Over the last two years of touring, the band’s sound have evolved and taken on a darker, more organic sound, while staying true to their catchy pop-vibe. The band wanted the cover to hint to this evolution, while still staying somehow visually related to their previous releases, “Bridge” and “Revolving Cylinder”.

With this in mind Grand People decided to continue playing with geometric shapes like they designed for their EP, but this time they introduced a wooden cube as an organic element. The cube is wrapped it up in several layers of PVC-film, which was then peeled off in the shape of waves to reveal the wooden core, much like layers of synth and electronics are added to the band’s musical core, which is a traditional band using guitars, drums and keyboards.

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Illustrator Stefan Bucher creates a brand new monster every day. Now just in time for the holidays, Bucher has created a limited-edition series of 12×16-inch archival prints for the “12 Bigger Monsters” collection, which comes complete with a custom portfolio case and special gloves for handling.

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Amnesty International Campaign: ‘Troy Davis: Making the invisible visible’ brings to light the plight of Troy Davis who has spent 19 years on death row in the USA despite doubts about his conviction. German street art collective Mentalgassi have teamed up with Amnesty International to highlight his case by creating unique lenticular fence posters across London.

Take action for Troy at:​fence

Born in November 1978, in Reghin Romania, Adrian Borda has been painting since he was 12. His paintings mix fantasy, with Dali-esque imagery, producing fantastical pieces filled with emotion.

Cirque du Soleil

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