One thing always leads to another, and after finding a U2 video animated by David OReilly on Youtube, we had to learn more about him and see what other animation he has done. Why we havn’t come across this gem before is a mystery.  This award winning animated short film “Please Say Something” is set sometime in the future and depicts a troubled relationship between a cat and a mouse. Before you scrunch your nose at the style of the animation, give it a minute and you will be sucked into this heart wrenching yet brilliant tale and walk away remembering this short film long after it’s over.

Written, Directed & Produced by David OReilly
Sound Design & Voice synthesis by David Kamp
Sound Design & Music by Bram Meindersma


David LaChappelle’s ‘Celebrity Gleam‘ is currently showing at Galerie Thomas Modern in Berlin through February 19, 2011 as part of their Popular Brand • Symbols • Icons 1960-2010 exhibition.

1960: The society is changing. Contraceptive pill, Coca-Cola and pop music embody the spirit of those years.

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This limited edition iPad is laser engraved with Dwayne Wade and other  illustrations from ilovedust and feature different parts of the ongoing story that can be found on the iPad. Everything is packaged up in an impressive metal briefcase with the Jumpman branding. D-Wade fans will appreciate this pretty sweet embellishment.

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Not only does Mike Cressy produce some eye-popping abstract designs, he also illustrates, paints, draws, is currently working on a graphic novel and has a new book out titled “The Book of Doodles”. Here are some of his abstract pieces.

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Blending trash with fine art painting yields unexpected results in White Trash Art series by Kim Alsbrook.  The process by which Kim came up with this series is fascinating and combine this with the medium she uses, it elevates her paintings to an even higher level of creativity.

The White Trash Series was developed while living in the South out of frustration with some of the prevailing ideologies, in particular, class distinction. This ideology seemed based on a combination of myth, biased history an bizarre sentimentality obout old wars and social structures. With the juxtaposition of the portraits from museums, once painted on ivory, now on flattened trash of beer cans and fast food, the artist sets to even the playing field, challenging the perception of the social elite in today’s society.

When we asks how long she had she been painting she replied:

I painted when I was young and stopped for like, 20 years until I decided I needed to do these. In between I focused on print processes. When I painted these everyone said, “I didn’t know you knew how to paint!” but I had gotten in a little practice because I worked as a handtinter for a 3rd generation portrait photographer in Charleston, SC for a few years (I was the last one, they don’t do it anymore cause of digital). The first white trash portraits were painted with the Marshall photo oils I used for the tinting job.

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London-based artist Evelin Kasilov’s CMYK Series of 9 posters, show halftoned and hand-embroidered fragments of well-known album covers. All works 350 x 495 mm, embroidery area 12 in (30.5 mm), hand stitched on Fabriano 5 Cold Pressed White 300 gsm (mould made, 50% cotton rag, acid free).

The poster series is focused on imagery: how an image is produced and how it is perceived. Inspired by well-known album covers by The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Clash, small fragments of images are used as a case-study to reveal halftone patterns. CMYK halftones are converted to cross-stitch and hand-embroidered in cotton thread on twelve inch square format paper. Whilst the fragments are recognizable, they are also open to subjective interpretation, dependent entirely on the viewers’ preconceptions and imagination. The materiality of the medium is equally important
as the presented image.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

Actual Dark Side of the Moon album cover.

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It’s the 20 day countdown till Christmas. Time to get you addresses in order and send out your greetings. Wishing your friends and family a great holiday shouldn’t come in a blind assorted box of cards. Here are 10 creative holiday cards you can send instead.

Sycamore Street Press

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