Daily Design Inspiration is just that. A daily dose of eye candy to highlight artworks that we find for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. In the last edition we covered the world of Red Music Poster Prints. Today we are highlighting Hands.

While hands are versatile physically, they are also quite versatile when portrayed artistically. In this edition of Daily Design Inspiration we look at the many beautiful and interesting ways ‘Hands‘ are depicted by drawing, digital design, illustration and photography.

by Jesse Kuhn

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ipad: A History of Switzerland commercial for a new app has an intruder. The Android Robot manages to be included in the line-up at the .42 minute mark.

Here’s a screenshot.

Here’s the video…

YouTube Preview Image

How on earth did that happen?

Waiting a long time to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in order to savor watching Heath Ledger perform for the last time, left me feeling sad and empty even though I adored the film.

I was waiting for the moment when Heath’s screen time would end and how exactly would the incorporation of Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell come into play. I realized how early on, when a drunk kid comes stumbling out of a nightclub, and happens upon Doctor Parnassus’ (Christopher Plumber) dilapidated sideshow performing on the street. Trying to skirt-chase Parnassus’ daughter Valentina (Lily Cole), (she attempts to hide from him and his obnoxious advances), he follows her and falls through the imagination mirror on stage.  Falling face down in mud he no longer looks himself, but a different lad entirely. In fact he is no longer on the streets of modern London. This world is an imagination you see, so anything is possible.

That holds true for most of the film. Imaginarium is not neat nor is it sane. The story plays out slowly and you need to pay attention to what is going on. The Imaginarium has a hint and flavor of Time Bandits, which is also directed by Terry Gilliam, so if you’ve seen that film, you know what you’re in for.  Crazy characters, elaborate set design and special effects, little people, evil people and damsels in distress. You get the picture.

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Meat lover? Butcher store owner? (Do they even have butcher shops anymore?) Or do you just love the taste of meat and want to flaunt it on your business card, here’s your chance with Meat Cards.

Your contact info is text etched onto the surface of one slab of American made beef jerky in the shape of 4 business cards. So make that hand-out count.

Also great if you get hungry.

If your a vegetarian, not to worry, they have meat free business cards too.

The wooden figure Mr. Cube, designed by Héctor Serrano, has a common central body with interchangeable arms, legs and head, which can be arranged to create an infinite amount of combinations thanks to it’s internal magnets. Once your finished playing, it is easy to store, as all the parts fit together forming a perfect cube.

Mr. Cube first premiered at the London Design Festival 2010 in September as part of the Ten Project.

Rebecca Ward uses electrical tape quite differently than the average person. She designs installations pieces with the tape and turns the ordinary product into something beautiful.

Seventeen is Sharp, Electrical Tape and Vinyl Adhesive

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We peruse the internet for useful websites so you don’t have to. ‘Click That Link’ is a complied list of cool website links worth checking out.


Research.ly - Build a social media community. Maps relationships between you and other Twitter  users, find targeted conversations for particular markets and Interst Graphs for any topic or keyword.

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