5 Reasons Why Technology Sucks

As great as cell phone and computer technology is, with allowing us to live life quicker, easier, and more “connected”, on the flipside technology and all it’s apps and doodads has made us mute, preoccupied, less connected, spoiled and dangerous.

How so? Well…here are 5 reasons:

1) YOU IGNORE YOUR FRIENDS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU: Remember when you used to go out to eat with your friends and everyone was focused on everyone else at the dinner table. Conversation was only interrupted by the server asking “Is everything okay, do you need anything else?” or by pouring the table a round of wine. Or the amazing burst of laughter that erupted stopping the flow of conversation, but adding dimension to it at the same time.

Sure we still have all that, but now we must compete with our dinner mates when they stop us mid-sentence with an “excuse me” and stare at their cell phones while they text someone back or check their friends Twitter status. When one friend pulls out their cell phone (if it’s not already glued to the table) it’s like sneezing, it’s contagious. Everyone else does it too.  Watch out for this phenomenon next time.

2) SPEAKING HAS BECOME OVERATED AND SPELLING THINGS OUT IS FOR SISSIES: Walk into any home and you’ll find sister Jenny texting her other sister Margaret who is one floor above her, while Mom and Dad are on the couch watching TV and are checking Facebook while chatting with each other…on Facebook.

You can have a whole conversation with someone sitting right next to you without ever saying a word. I’ve done it and I know you have.

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Kevin Vanaelst states his photographs and constructions consist of common artifacts, materials, and scenes from everyday life, which have been rearranged and reassembled into various forms, patterns, and illustrations. The images aim to examine the distance between where my mind wanters to and the material objects that inspire those fixations.

Here are some samples of his digital prints…


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Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes shoes are sure to turn some heads…and heels. They come in leather, now they’re available in denim.

For $1,195.00 you can be fashionable and dangerous. We want a pair! Would you wear them?


Here are a few samples of critically acclaimed artist Glenn Chadbourne’s interior illustrations for book The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two) by New York Times bestselling author Stephen King. The Secretary Dreams was released in October 2010 from Cemetery Dance Publications.

This unique book displays an incredible and original blend of King’s classic tales of terror with Chadbourne’s one-of-a-kind haunting black and white illustrations. “The Monkey,” “Strawberry Spring,” and “In the Deathroom” are presented on beautifully designed oversized pages. These stories are heavily illustrated with spot artwork, full page illustrations, and even multiple-page art spreads.

“Gray Matter,” “One for the Road ,” and “Nona,” which appear for the very first time in full graphic format as imagined by Chadbourne who spent two years creating these images.

The Gray Matter

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In relation to his work, Scott Greenwalt states “I am concerned with the confluence of disparate topographies set in an ominous land peopled with beings having suffered some malformation or mutant hybridization by a mephitic environment. These beings are vacillating between dimensions, in a chrysalis state of transformation. Portraiture of grotesques, formed by an unfolding of elemental components of corporeality at metaphysical crossroads, congealed in mid implosion, like still images of molecular rearrangement.”

Here are some samples of his intriguing work…

Shrouded Mutation

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Heidi Tailleffer’s artwork is a mix of surrealism and classical figurative painting and mythology. Her tastes range from the ridiculous and the absurd to the sacred and sublime, as she pursues the deeper meaning of things while possessed of a strong sense of humor. Here are some examples of her work…

Angels of Our Nature

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Watch this mesmerizing video of fractal landscapes in ‘Surface Detail’ by subBlue.

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