A beautifully animated tale titled ‘The Art of Drowning’, directed by Diego Maclean and poem by Billy Collins.


Set on a remote Irish farm, Isolation (directed and written by Billy O’Brien) tells the horrific sci-fi tale of what happens when humans try to screw with Mother Nature for their benefit.

Farmer Dan Reilly (John Lynch) is allowing a scientist to inject his pregnant cow with special hormones as part of an experiment to create a more fertile bovine. Orla (Essie Davis), a veterinarian who works for John, comes in to check on the pregnant cow, shown graphically, as she sticks her hand inside the cow to check the fetus. Curiously, she gets bitten on the hand and already we know something is wrong.

A couple, Mary (Ruth Negga) and Jamie (Sean Harris), squat just outside the gates of Dan’s farm. We soon found out they are on the run, however the whys and wherefores have no bearing on the story whatsoever. After trying to kick them off the land, Dan has a heart and gives them some leeway and allows them till the next day to leave.

In the middle of the night the experimental cow goes into labor and the process is too much for Dan to handle alone. Upon the request of Dan, Jamie helps with the birth. We bear witness to the in-your-face-delivery with gelatinously graphic detail. From pulling out the calves legs, to the Dan swinging the calf over his head to get the animal to breathe after delivery. After they get the calf breathing, Dan realizes there is something wrong with the calf and shrieks as it bites him.

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Littlefly jewelry, by Jeremy May, is made by laminating hundreds sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-inserted in the excavated space.

A unique twist on jewelry which also comes with it’s own keepsake packaging. Absolutely gorgeous!

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French born painter Jacques Resch (who Resch currently resides in Africa) began painting as a child and his mother enrolled him in art classes by the age of seven. While in college, he met Jean Raymond Bessil, an artist and art teacher, who advised him not to enter art school, telling him that if his creative force was strong enough, than he did not need to take lessons. Taking heed Resch went on to become a physics and chemistry teacher, and continued to with his painting and drawing.

Resch first started to seriously exhibit his work in 1981, at the Salon D’Automne in Paris.

About the artist: Influenced by artists such as Bosch, Breughel and Dali, Resch’s works are influenced by modern technology and world politics.  Resch particularly admires Bosch, because Bosch ‘uses dreams to adventure into the interior of the human spirit.  However, while Bosch depicted the temptations of man by the devil, Resch’s oeuvre addresses modern day problems that plague the world, such as pollution, poverty and war.

Resch enjoys being spontaneous with his work, because he thinks that errors show the feebleness of human nature.  His work is also influenced by technology such as the television and internet which barrages people with images.  In contradiction to such modern advances which cause the viewer to become passive, Resch’s work encourages the viewer to become active and to examine for themselves the problems that afflict the work today.

Here are some samples of his neo-surrealistic oil paintings…

Tete morte (literally translates to Head Dead)

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Designed by Michael Arras, these beautiful one-of-a-kind cocktail/coffee tables are joined together small pieces of high-grade birch plywood into one whole table. Each segment is connected to the others with strong mortise-and-tenon joints—the table top looks fragile but it’s solid.

A multitude of color stains are available.

Find it on Etsy for $699.00

These gorgeous floating liquid ‘Disastro Ecologico‘ wallpapers by Italian Illustrator and Graphic Designer Alberto Seveso are available for download!

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New Works by Laura Ball and Ryan McLennan at David B. Smith Gallery opens January 28th, with the opening reception at 7pm – 10pm, with both artists will be in attendance, and runs through February 26, 2011.

Laura Ball – Tree of Life

Ryan McLennan – Purification

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