Want to come up with something different for the Superbowl this year? Well there’s a Facebook application for that. With a chance to win badges, send virtual bottles champagne and much more. This event is live and happens online!


Champagne and football?  Super idea!  Especially for Super Bowl.

Moët-Hennessy USA has launched a Facebook application combining food, fun, friends and football called Champagne First. (Click this link to check out the Facebook page.)

Thought to be an industry first, champagne is being marketed in conjunction with  Super Bowl XLV, the upcoming February 6th mass clash and gathering of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX, in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area of North Texas.

Moët-Hennessy champagne brands are being marketed through a Facebook Application utilizing education for food and wine enthusiasts.

The Facebook application engages users in a number of ways to build brand awareness for Moët-Hennessy’s five champagne brands: Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Dom Perignon, and Ruinart. Facebook Friends can test their champagne knowledge, learn about food pairings, create personal tasting notes, send virtual bottles to friends and earn badges and prizes along the way.

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For Valentine’s Day why not stay in and bake your sweetheart something special like this delectable Heart Cake. Just like an actual heart, this design is a tasty surprise that rests on the inside.

Find out how to make this scrummy dessert from the iammommy baker blog.

The short animated cartoon ‘Destino’ (Destination), released in 2003 by The Walt Disney Company, originally began production in 1945, a whopping 58 years before its eventual completion. The project was a collaboration between American animator Walt Disney and Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, and features music written by Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez.

YouTube Preview Image

Each bottle of Humanity Fragrance is hand made in Brooklyn Alan Iwamura and is made entirely of glass, including a white glass cork. The fragrance was a fundraiser to raise money for a piece of public art, the Humanity Perfume Fountain, which placed in Brooklyn’s McGolrick park this past summer, with 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the perfume going towards its construction.

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The internet is a fascinating thing. Just when you think you’ve found everything you possibly could (we all have those days) you come across the strangest find.

The Sears online catalog (Easter Egg) in which the site is geared towards Zombies, in ‘Zombie language’, is just one of those strangest yet utterly cool finds.

We can all rest assure that if there was ever a zombie apocalypse we can hunt the world in search of brains in style. Whether it be decking yourself out in zombie-licious baubles, looking those perfect pair of sneakers for your trek’s through the zombie infested wilderness, or finding that perfect fridge to keep cold the flesh you’ve found, Sears has it. Don’t worry that you can’t understand the product descriptions right now, you will once you pass over into the world of the undead.

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Pantheon will release a slue of Franz Kafka books in June with freshly designed covers.  Imprint art director Peter Mendelsund designed the new look and he describes it as, “let some of the sunlight back in.”

Gone are the serious-man portraits and the drawings of giant insects. Instead, you’ve got all-seeing eyes variously set against monochromatic backdrops in bold purple, yellow, blue, and green. The font is cursive, which might look more like an artiste’s whimsical signature than a typeface someone actually designed is because it is a mashup of Kafka’s handwriting and a typeface based on Kafka’s handwriting, designed by Edenspiekermann called “Mister K.” Meta.

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We had the pleasure of viewing ‘Graphic Radicals: 30 Years of World War 3 Illustrated’ retrospective at the Exit Art space on a recent trip to New York City.

World War 3 Illustrated is an independently published politcal comic magazine, founded in 1980 by artists Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper. The retrospective is compromised of original comic drawings, posters, paintings, murals, documentary film, and animation. Graphic Radicals is the largest World War 3 Illustrated exhibit to date. It highlights the history that the magazine has documented and participated in for the past three decades. The magazine was first established in response to the Iran hostage crisis and impending election of Ronald Reagan.

Since then it has confronted all the social and political issues usually ignored by the mainstream press such as the Tompkins Square riot, homelessness, 9/11, the prison system, Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts and many others.

Here is but a mere glimpse of what this retrospect has to offer.

Graphic Radicals runs through February 5, 2011 at Exit Art.

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