Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, (where he lived most of his life) Goñi Montes attended the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and acquiring a BA in Fine Arts. He began working as a scientific illustrator for the Puerto Rico Sea Grant. To pursue a career in editorial work he I moved to Atlanta, GA and obtained an MFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Here are some samples of his work, ripe with color, fluidity and depth…

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B Movie Camp at It’s Best – John Carpenter’s Vampires: Los Muertos

Released in 2002, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, John Carpenter’s Vampires: Los Muertos feels like it was actually released in the late 80’s. Dated looking and cheesy in effects, this vampire flick stars Jon Bon Jovi as Derek Bliss, a vampire hunter for hire. After being introduced to his ninja skills in the graphic opening scene, Bliss finds himself with a new job. He is sent to Mexico to find a few fellow hunters and kill off a slue of vamps that are ravaging villages with abandon. Oh and yes you read correctly. Jon Bon Jovi is the lead. Interesting casting to say the least.

In his search for other hunters who are to join him, he finds they are being slaughtered just before he reaches them, so instead he picks up a motley crew of characters along the way to help him on his new hunter job. Father Rodrigo (Cristián de la Fuente) whose entire clergy of priests were slaughtered, Zoey (Natasha Gregson Wagner) a half breed vampire of sorts who was bitten but doesn’t truly turn due to medication she derived from Mexico City, and Sancho (played by a young Diego Luna), a sixteen year old boy from the village out to prove himself. A last minute edition to the group, Ray (Darius McCrary) is a fast talking, gun slinging hunter who adds the comedic element to the crew. A films standard formulatic group of opposing characters who band together for a higher purpose is complete.

All these actors actually lend a crutch to Bon Jovi’s performance, for just like the stakes they drive through the vampires they kill, Jovi’s acting abilities are wooden at best. He gets an A for effort, but a C in delivery. Surprisingly enough, Vampires: Los Muertos is entertaining. There is a solid plot to speak of, albeit no real history into the characters themselves. Instead of pondering on your lack for empathy for the characters, you’re driven to watch this film just to see how they will fair with their deed. Their bumbling antics and their will to try their damndest for justice sways you to jump onboard on watch their plight. It sure isn’t the dialogue or cringe-worthy gore…because it’s just not there. The blood is thrown about slap-happy for obvious effect (think 1980’s campy gore) and the fighting scenes are lackluster.

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If you haven’t seen Exit Through the Gift Shop, the story of how an eccentric French amateur film maker Thierry Guetta attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, here’s your chance to learn more about the famed urban graffiti artist in this short film ‘B Movie – Exit Through the Gift Shop’.

UPDATE: Seems this video has been removed. Alas, you’ll have to rent the film Exit Through the Gift Shop. :(

Watching the process of these poured paintings is half the fun of admiring them. Truly amazing! We want to try this at home!

YouTube Preview Image

These are painting by Holten Rower.

The short film from Indiemachines ‘Hard Boiled’ tells the tale of a tech-savvy detective who takes a cold case into his own hands, utilizing Foursquare and other social media sites to help him figure out a crime — and how a jilted wife can use technology to her own advantage.

YouTube Preview Image

Usually toothpaste gives you that minty fresh feeling, but for those who rather have their teeth sweetened (which defeats the purpose but hey, to each their own), you can get that just-finished-eating-a-mouthful-of-cake-feeling with Cupcake Toothpaste.

A novelty item that goes hand in hand with the current cupcake eating phase. You can also go in the salty directions and get Bacon Flavored Toothpaste to switch things up. Would you use this?

Matthew Weinstein’s Piggy Bank sculpture is bronze casted and hand painted and is based on Pigs from animated piece, ‘The Childhood of Bertolt Brecht.’ It was first shown at Nolan Judin Gallery, Berlin, Germany, June 2010.

A humorous charactature of a childhood money saving fixture. View more sculpture works on Matthew Weinstein’s website.

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