If Charlie Immer’s paintings and illustrations of gorgeous colorful skulls and innards  weren’t  infused with whimsical color such as mint and cotton candy pink they would find themselves in a much darker genre of art. His paintings however are chimerical and fun in nature and falls under the category of ‘lowbrow’ (which is one of our favorite artistic genres). Here are some samples of his work…


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This is probably the coolest video we’ve seen all week, an Angry Birds Cake that you can actually play. Check it out…

YouTube Preview Image

Are you a fan of Angry Birds?


Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig second solo exhibition is currently running through March 26, 2011 at the Freidrich Petzel gallery.

Since the early 1980’s, Heimo Zobernig has mined various art historical moments and movements, specifically Modernism, post-Modernism, Geometric Abstraction and Minimalism, with a rigorous and interrogatory spirit. His often playful approach also includes a keen and abiding affinity with modes of display, set design and theatricality. For this exhibition, Zobernig will present new grid and monochrome paintings and two new sculptures. The new monochrome works will consist of his signature use of chroma key blue, a blue that also references International Yves Klein blue and its subsequent associations with performance, a key element in Zobernig’s practice as well.

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From The Onion comes news of Apple’s latest revolutionary technology, a laptop with no keyboard. Nothing is as simple as a single giant button. Everything is just a few hundred clicks away. Watch this funny video explain details on the product.

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With the way technology is going, who knows, this might actually come into being.

Archan Nair, born 1982 in New Delhi, is a self developed visual artist, illustrator and  Art Director, specializing in mixed media, illustration, and digital art.

About the artist:

Formerly a fashion major and entrepreneur, Archan started painting in 2006 at the age of 24 and made the shift to independent artist in 2007. Since then he has embarked on an exhilarating and inspirational journey, collaborating with various companies and individuals around the world such as Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer, Sony etc. Archan has been featured in various publications including Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop,GQ, Bak, Vanity Fair, and has achieved recognition from music artists like Kanye West.

His utilization of color and fluidity produce utterly gorgeous illustrations. There is not one that we do not like. Here are some samples…

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Studio Gang Architects designed this gorgeous 82-story Aqua Tower, a rippling concrete-and-glass high-rise in Chicago, Illinois. At first glance the tower may appear to simply be a marriage of two schools of design that have ridden architecture’s media wave over the past decade parametric design and Retro Modernism to form Expressionist Modern.

Aqua Tower comprises over 1.9 million square feet and containing condominiums, apartments, offices, parking, and a hotel.

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These vintage postcards depicting a 1910′s New York City and a futuristic look a the ‘City of Skyscrapers’ are but two from a mass of 9,000 picture postcards that were collected and classified by the American photographer Walker Evans (1903–1975), which is now part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Walker Evans Archive. The picture postcards represented a powerful strain of indigenous American realism that directly influenced Evans’s artistic development.

(1) Future New York, The City of Skyscrapers, 1910s

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