The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

If you blended parts of ‘The Matrix’ with the film ‘Serendipity’ you’d get the The Adjustment Bureau.

Imagine if your life was predestined and no matter the supposed choices you make, your path in life is ultimately not really up to you. This is the premise of The Adjustment Bureau (directed by George Nolfi), which was hailed more thought provoking than Inception. It doesn’t even come close.

David Norris (Matt Damon), a politician who is losing the election in the Senate race, meets a young woman Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt), in the bathroom at the hotel where he is set to make his concession speech. He loses touch with Elise,but after their bathroom banter she changes his life in more ways than he can possibly imagine.

After a chance meeting with Elise some months later Norris happens to step behind the curtain that hides the Wizard of Oz. He becomes privy to the fact that mysterious 1950’s dressed men are in charge of his destiny. He is not supposed to be with Elise and the mysterious men do everything in their power to make sure it stays this way.

Blending a storyline similar to The Matrix (life as you know it isn’t what it seems to be) with the most of the film Serendipity (our lives are in the hands of fate), The Adjustment Bureau is an elevated tale of romance and fate that dabbles in forces of a higher spiritual power and light science fiction.

In the beginning of the film, it was a who’s who of high profile politicians and news anchors playing themselves, in snippets of Norris on his campaign trail. When Norris meets Elise shortly after, the chemistry between Damon and Blunt is palpable. It’s the best onscreen romantic electricity since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs Smith.

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Short video documentary and interview of street artists Supa Kitch and Koralie for the website of the markers brand POSCA, shot by Elroy

Sample of SupaKitch’s work…

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The funny photo of the day is actually a cartoon we found that depicts a humorous eulogy for a guy named Hector that involves Twitter.

Epitaph - by K. Cornell

Gotta love Twitter humor.

Fmio Wantanabe, born in Nagasaki Prefecture, creates gorgeous illustrated landscapes that come alive with eye-popping color combinations. His illustrations have been seen in textbooks, airports, magazines and other print collateral. Here are some samples of his work…

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You’ve never seen stuffed animals like this before. Adopting the idea of splicing together different parts to create new life, à la Frankstein comes a brilliant concept with Franken Toys. A growing collection of rescued toys which have been dismembered only to be re-membered as a new piece of art. Every repurposed toy has been hand sewn and many have been intricately embroidered. This is why they are more expensive than their original ‘whole’ counterparts. Reinvented, they become works of art.

Behold…Franken Toys, splicing together favorites such as Elmo, Garfield, Mickey Mouse and Spiderman.

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Lori Pensini was born in 1970 in the wheatbelt Railway town of Narrogin, near Perth in Australia. Growing up with avast expanse of  landscape her imagination was free to roam. This is apparent in her oil paintings which are delicate and dreamlike in nature with a winsome sense of fluidity. Here are samples of her work…


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