If you didn’t get a chance to attend Post-It Show 6 at Giant Robot 2 which ran from December 11, 2010 through January 12, 2011, here are some highlights from the show…

Visit Richard Lemarchand’s Flickr page to see more photos from the Post-It show.

Leading up to the release of Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, animator Ben Hibon in collaboration with Splastk, have made numerous animated short films. This one is called “The Trenches”.

Sucker Punch opens in theaters March 25, 2011.

Here is the movie trailer…

YouTube Preview Image

On Thursday, April 14 2011, Royal/T a visually stunning 10,000-square-foot space in Culver City, known for its changing program of rotating curatorial art exhibits from top artists and gallerists around the world—debuts “FACEMAKER”, a new exhibition curated by Kathy Grayson of New York City’s The Hole that will be displayed through June 2011.

Featuring works from contemporary young artists including the title piece by Ben Jones, in addition to Dearraindrop, assume vivid astro focus, Tomoo Gokita, Barry McGee, Kenny Scharf, Eric Yahnker, Jane Moseley, Olaf Breuning, Carroll Dunham, KAWS, Ted Mineo, David Shrigley, Shepard Fairey, Eddie Martinez, Taylor McKimens and many many more, and the show will explore interpretations of the most universal element of human perception: the face.

“FACEMAKER” is a collaborative event featuring top young artists from across the United States, Japan, Greece, and Belgium who are creatively driven to find new ways to imagine a face, whether in painting, drawing, sculpture, or video. The exhibit explores the inherent tendency to see faces in all objects, which drives each artist to re-imagine the basic figure—whether idiosyncratic, fragmented, collaged, psychological, or geometric.

Musical Comb business card for MODhair, a Rome Rock ‘n Roll hair salon. This comb designed by Fabio Milito, plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle of a musicbox comb.

Number one, we want this card just to have it. Second we cannot express how absolutely BRILLIANT! this is. It has to be one of the best cards we’ve ever seen.

Visit Fabio Milito’s website to view his portfolio.

The LikeLight is a thumb that blinks for Facebook likes. The light is made up of a custom lego set, arduino (an open-source electronics prototyping platform) with ethernet shield, and PHP interaction with the Facebook Graph API.

During the build it was hooked it up to LilWayne’s Facebook page so it would blink a lot. And blink it did.

Where you wondering why Google (U.S.) didn’t have a St. Patrick’s Day themed logo today? Us too. It’s the first time since 2003 that Google did not have a themed logo for the holiday.

However, Google (Ireland) had a gorgeous one. Check it out…

This do-it yourself project was taken on by a guy who wanted to build a Numitron Clock that tells the time and the temperature. These types of clocks work on the principal of incandescent filament displays. The details involved are as difficult as us learning chinese, however one can appreciate the design endeavor.

YouTube Preview Image

Visit Industructables to learn more about the project.

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