Daniel Hyun Lim (aka Fawn Fruits) relishes the spontaneity of the art and moves things as he goes with colored pencils and acrylics. His works are a striking juxtaposition of muted versus vibrant hues. The colors are an anchor to reality and are a huge factor to the symbolic message that he is telling. “Somewhere over the colors of the rainbow there lies a significantly beautiful truth, a truth that can only be realized with an intimate encounter.

Sweet Imperfections, which opens today April 1st runs through May 1, 2011 at La Luz de Jesus Gallery,is an artistic interpretation of a promise between the creation and his/her creator” states the artist. Rather than forcefully preaching to the viewer with religious imagery and symbolism, Lim brings new life to the genre by producing work that is based on his personal views on religion.

Lim is donating 100% of the proceeds towards relief efforts in Japan.

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Brand new Limited Edition pillow cushions with illustrations by artists Tara McPherson, Luke Cheuh, Vault 49, Hidden Moves Zutto, Julie West, and Kozyndan.

Luke Cheuh

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Anytime we make a purchase, a trusty ol’ plastic bag is given to us to hold whatever it is we’ve bought. Once at home, we either toss the bag, or save it with the 52 million other plastic bags we’ve hoarded to use for dog poop, garbage, or transporting random items.

Cast of Vices has reinvented these everyday plastic bags into durable, long lasting fashion statements. Behold the ‘Corner Store Leather Bag’. These beauties are cut from lambskin leather and are super smooth. You can choose from Have a Nice Day, Thank You, I HEART NY and Recycle patterns that are hand embossed and sewn in Los Angeles.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, these bags come in two sizes.

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Artist Jenny Marie Smith, a print production artist who resides in Chicago, creates the most amazing CG art of delicate and hauntingly frightening females. Here are some samples of her work…


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Toronto based artist Lorette Luzajic creates not only mixed media collages, but is also a photographer, printed author, writes poetry and recently started up Idea Fountain, by which 10% of the proceeds from her artwork sold is donated to advocates of free speech and expression. A fascinating and talented artist, Lorette’s story is an inspiration for the masses.

In this heartfelt exclusive interview, Lorette gives insight to her childhood, her artistic drawing talents and how they were squashed at a young age by another child, and how she rediscovered her path in adulthood. She explains why Michael Jackson would be the top person on the planet she’d love to spend the day with. Having always worshiped his creativity and intrigued by his eccentricity, Lorette has written two books in his honor since his passing.

Read on to learn more about her…

-When did you first discover you had a passion for the arts and writing?

I was sick a lot as a child and liked it that way, since any cough or tummy ache meant I could stay home from kindergarten and conjure up poems or short stories on my sister’s Fisher Price typewriter. Almost as good, I could lay in bed recuperating and read the encyclopedias. I didn’t know yet that lolling about reading the encyclopedia was nerdy and pretentious! I was interested in everything, but especially in human creativity.  I was visiting the art gallery in nearby Toronto before turning into a teenager. I still go regularly, and some of the paintings are like old friends I’ve had for decades. I was a bit of an outcast, let me tell you, but eventually you find like-minded people, or you become comfortable with interests of your own.

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Designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company, and released in 1956, the chair is made up of three curved plywood shells. In modern production the shells are made up of seven thin layers of wood veneer glued together and shaped under heat and pressure.

Since being introduced in 1956, the chair has been in constant production via Herman Miller in America. Later, Vitra began production of the Eames for the European market. In this video you can see how the iconic Eames Lounge Chair is manufactured in the Vitra Atelier with such precision and care.
YouTube Preview Image

There have been many knockoffs, however Herman Miller and Vitra are the only companies that manufacturer the chair with the Eames name.

William Fahey’s paintings can be considered borderline surrealism mixed with a twist of science fiction. He paints impossible things with an earth bound naturalism. This is no surprise as Fahey influences stem from imagery of Symbolists, surreal artworks and science fiction cover art.

Symbolism, was prominent in the  late nineteenth-century style of French, Russian and Belgian origin in the arts, with Edgar Allen Poe’s work being a strong influence for many images. The symbolist painters used mythological and dream imagery in their work.

In Fahey’s paintings one can can see these three strong concepts of influence define his work. We recently had the opportunity to interview William and pick his brain to find out what makes him tick.

Ant in the Amber

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