New York-based art photographer Erin O’Keefe toys with abstraction in her photography project series The Flatness’, in which “the title of this series of photographs refers to both the material flatness of the photograph itself, as well as the perceptual flattening of the still life space.”


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Skill Lab put together a fantastic video compilation, titled Wishes 2014, of 23 logos memorable logos for this year. Branding at it’s finest.

Can you figure out all 23 brands?

Prolific artist and sculptor Rebecca Campeau works with textiles such as linen and paper to create detailed sculptures which have an air of silent melancholy. The sculptures, dressed with painted fabrics over a wire frame, range from well-known people from history to the anonymous to playful animals.

Here are some samples of her work. Some are reminiscent of the stop-motion claymation pieces from The Boxtrolls. At least in our minds.


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Jessica Eaton’s Ad Infinium

Canadian Photographer Jessica Eaton has created some dazzling photographic works for her debut exhibition in the United Kingdom, titled Ad Infinitum which opened January 23rd at The Hospital Club in London.

The images you see below are made on sheets of 4 x 5 film and a series of monochromatic cubes. Eaton places red, green or blue gels over the camera lens to make multiple exposures of each cube.

Jessica Eaton states “The darkroom is a really visceral way of build a deeper understanding of the medium … and I have pushed the magic of it all into the very small darkroom I now have, the chamber inside my camera bellows.



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Swiss photographer and artist Fabian Oefner’s work moves between the fields of art and science, capturing natural phenomena that appears in our daily lives in unique and imaginative ways.

Here are some samples of his images…



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Check out these colorful in your face print ads for Taste for Life Indian Chutneys. If you’ve never been to India, these advertisements bring India to you. You can feel the fiery spices and exotic locale exude from these gorgeous works of art from the Ad Agency Curry-Nation from Mumbai, India.

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The ‘On Departure’ short film, by animator Eoin Duffy, at first seems like a whimsical journey of a little spaceman. We quickly realize it’s actually a beautiful yet emotional tale of a man traveling in an airport, who arrives at heartbreak. The animation is captivatingly haunting, which is helped in part by the melancholy soundtrack that accompanies it. Sad and inspiring it remains with you.

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