Canadian photographer Yacine M’Seffar explains that Silver Metamorphosis is part of an ongoing project where he transforms his subjects from organic to metallic. This process brings out textures shapes and designs that a straight photograph often does not. In the process, the transformation of the subjects turn from what could be considered ugly, into precious jewels of beauty.

Love Warrior

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Logos come in all shapes and sizes. When designing a logo, one has to think of how it will look sans color and transfer over into black and white for printing. Negative space is very important, as is legibility. Color adds a whole new dimension, feel and emotional response. Designing a logo without these elements can be a challenge.

When designing a business card less is more. Pricing on printing relies heavily on how many colors are used (as well as paper stock, finish, embossing, die-cut, and letterpress, which many of these examples have), but we won’t get into that here. This design inspiration is all about the lack of color. Black and white is bold, commands attention and with added effects as we mentioned above, with a healthy does of  creativity, you can produce a smart, stylized, and powerful business card.

Here are examples of 30 black and white logos and business cards (15 each) for design inspiration.

Black Cat

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Currently running at Haines Gallery in San Francisco through June 4, 2011, is David Maisel ‘History’s Shadow’ exhibition.

Bay Area artist David Maisel new photography series, highlights the dual processes of memory and excavation, which are derived from x-rays of art objects from antiquity.

Maisel sourced x-rays from the archives of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, culling through thousands of images between the two institutions. It is this process of uncovering and bringing selected x-rays to light. Once he has made his selections, Maisel lays each x-ray on a light box in a darkened room and transmits emanations of light from the original image onto color film.

He plans to develop this series over time through collaborations with museums around the world. In his fourth solo exhibition at Haines, Maisel exhibits 16 photographs in total, which just touches upon what he has photographed thus far.

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New Blu in Italy

11 May

Street artist Blu has new work up in Jesi, Italy. This was done over the Easter holiday.

via Blu

In this edition of our Artist Spotlight, we share our recent interview with Tyler Wallach aka CLOUDZ, a talented up and coming sticker artist who recently moved from Texas to the city that never sleeps –The Big Apple– and found out when he started drawing, his array of talents and where he’s slapped his signature ‘Hello My Name Is’ stickers.

So you were born in Texas…where exactly?

I was born in the suburbs of Northwest Houston, Harris County to be precise, Houston is so big that we have to go by counties. Maybe some Texas sized perspective: I graduated with about 850 other kids in my senior class. I visited NYC once when I was 18 years old and could never shake it.

When did you first start drawing?

I first started drawing in elementary school, Mrs. Post, she was the sweetest art teacher a kid could ever have. I know it sounds cheesy, but she would constantly tell us “Whatever you do, don’t erase anything, let your mistakes be the windows to your new ideas” – we were forced to create a new idea with any stray mark or first draft disaster. She would literally remove erasers from ALL of the pencils in the classroom. We weren’t allowed to erase then, and I never started. I don’t consider anything I do ‘sketching’ or ‘doodling’ I don’t doodle, I draw with intent, I press hard on the page and rarely have any editing to do other than coloring.

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In this day and age of data overload, there should be ways to refine all the gibberish that passes through. Spam filters, opt-outs and ignore buttons are a way of life in the communication fast lane. But what if all that junk was reconstituted into art? The award-winning Spamguetto wallpaper is a perfect example. It’s a spam-based wall covering that turns the bad ideas flooding your inbox into patterns of insight into the human nature.

No longer is the chatter useless, it now provides an aesthetic conversation piece upon your interior walls.

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The curious paintings of Travis Louie can now been seen until the end of May 2011 at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle at The Creature Show.

Grounded in Victorian and Edwardian times, artist Travis Louis’s paintings provide us with a world where creatures and man coexist. Each painting a black and white photograph into fantasy that exudes a warped reality.

Emily and Her Troll Head

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