From French design house Leblon-Delienne comes this adorable Little Prince lamp. Though this gem is marketed as an interior design piece for a child’s room, this lamp could be a cute addition to the home of an adult fan of the book.

The design draws from the cover of original book titled Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

via Leblon-Delienne

The Horde (La horde) Movie Review

Rated: R

We should all be sick and tired of zombie movies considering the plethora of renditions out there, however foreign zombie horror movies always manage to have a few interesting twists that hold our attention. Case in point is the 2009 French zombie horror-fest The Horde, directed by Yannick Dahan.

What starts out as a “cop-versus-gangster-revenge-film”, quickly turns into a good guy/bad guy team-up to fight off zombies in this blood drenched drama.

The zombies in this film are rabid monsters unlike those films which depict the suckers that won’t die as lethargic, arm stretched doot-da-doo’s. These beasts are reminiscent of soon to be zombie classics “28 Days Later” and “Resident Evil” who are creatures on flesh crack AND quite vocal. You know when these creatures are coming. This fact, which the audience is made aware of, is important for the final seconds of this intense film.

Tension runs high from the crucial moment the cops which consists of the level-headed lead, Ouessem (Jean-Pierre Martins), tough as nails chick Aurore (Claude Perron), Tony (Antoine Oppenheim), and Jimenez (Aurélien Recoing) crash a gangster party consisting of hot-headed Bola (DouDou Masta), the even keel brother Adewele (Eriq Ebouaney), and the out for himself Greco (Joe Prestia) in a condemned building on the outskirts of the city.

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Illustrator and graphic designer Samuel Castano’s influences for his design work derives from many things. They include  recycling, Latin America, cultural hybridization, movies, politics, art, riding his bicycle, found things, leaves, and DIY.

His designs range from illustrations, to posters, logos and type treatments. No matter the medium, his work oozes a textural feel . Here are some samples of his work…

Castano is from Medellin, Colombia and graduated from  Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Visit Samuel Castano’s portfolio on Behance to see more of his designs.

The first solo exhibition in San Francisco of Margaret Kilgallen’s work in 13 years is currently on view at the Ratio 3 gallery and will include a selection of works-on-paper and paintings on canvas, some never before seen. Many of the works are painted on discarded pages from books, emphasizing Kilgallen’s resourcefulness and economy of materials. This is also reflected in the canvas works, most of which were cut and sewn together by hand, giving the paintings a quilt-like quality.

The imagery depicted includes her iconic motifs such as leaves, trees, topography, and female figures, all of which exemplify Kilgallen’s delicate and adept hand. Her humble, almost folkloric, style pushes some of the imagery into simple abstractions of color, lines, and repeating shapes. This exhibition offers an intimate look into Kilgallen’s very personal and singular vision.

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When speaking of jewelry that is both unique and gorgeous, the jeweler Stephen Webster comes to mind by creating masterpieces that fit on your person. It’s undeniable that the rings in the Seven Deadly Sins collection are true pieces of art.

Here are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony creatively depicted through precious jewels. We’re feeling kind of greedy and want all of them.

Wrath – 18 ct Rose Gold, White Diamonds, Rubies and Red Garnet

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This wonderfully animated short film titled ‘Tooth Fairy Affair’ is meticulously drawn by Izabela Melamed, traditionally done, with pencil on paper, frame by frame.

YouTube Preview Image

Visit Izabela Melamed’s website to see more of her work.

There is no denying the Nottage G-4 glass top pool table is a conversation piece. This über modern pool table is complete with a transparent playing surface on top, the glass is naturally very rigid and flat therefore it isn’t prone to sagging or warping.

After a shot is taken, the ball drops into the pocket onto a silent rubber pad, and you can watch your ball navigate across a single sheet of transparent silicone-rubber coated glass to the collection area.

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