Matthew Green studied architecture at New York Institute of Technology with the the bulk of his studies done at Rowan University in New Jersey, where he studied painting and printmaking. He considers himself to be a realist, and tries to capture more than the physical structure of a building or landscape, by finding the essence of a subject, as it speaks for itself as a metaphor for the abandonment, neglect and alienation of modern life.

The Metropolitan

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Creepy Monster Dolls

11 Feb

A collection of creepy monster dolls.

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The Netherlands is one the world’s hub of great modern design, brilliant innovation and experimentation in architecture, industrial design, urban planning and graphic design. So in thinking out of the U.S. box, we are highlighting some graphic designers and illustrators from the land that some call Holland.

M.C. Escher Self Portrait 1929

M.C. Escher

Probably the best known dutch graphic artist is M.C. Escher. Escher’s work is mostly based on mathematics and explores architecture, illusion, infinity and impossible realities.

Escher wrote his first paper in 1941 titled ‘Regular Division of the Plane with Asymmetric Congruent Polygons’, which detailed his mathematical approach to creation of artwork which gained him recognition as a research mathematician.

It is impossible to know anything about art and never have come across any of his works.


House of Stairs



Aart van Dobbenburgh

Aart van Dobbenburgh was born in Amsterdam, was known for his lithographs, themed with landscapes and flowers. He illustrated the books of Russian writers Feodor Dostoyevsky and Leo Tolstoy, among many others. More than 35 lithographs were placed in the Leo Tolstoy Museum in Moscow and in 1965 he received the Leo Tolstoy medal. With quite a different approach than Escher, van Dobbenburgh’s work leans towards realism and is much softer.

Now we move on to more ‘modern’ Dutch designers.

Ella Nitters

Ella Nitters currently lives and works as a freelance illustrator and artist in Rotterdam and graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts. Her work mixes realism, fine art and a fantastic use of lines. Love the cherub with umbrellas as the arrows.

Esta Aart

Esta Aart is an illustrator, designer and typographer based in the Netherlands. Her works below fall more into the graphic design category. The last piece is the epitome of dutch design.

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Photo via: Source: ellenm1

Daily Design Inspiration is just that. A daily dose of eye candy to highlight amazing artworks we find for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Digital Art by Ma Victoria Ray

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We say we’re not like them. Murderers, killers, assassins, those folk who reside in 2×4 cells on the edge of the grey wall oblivion, staring through steel bars, wishing they could fit through and step back into the real world. But they don’t fit in do they? We do. The common man, the upright citizen, the ordinary admirable human being.

Don’t be naïve. We’re all murderers. We just don’t think of it that way when we do it.  We might use the words as we commit the act by saying things like “Kill it!” but there is no blood, no horror, and no mess.

People kill everyday. Blindly and sometimes with certainty. I killed something the other day. It was my fault. Its death was by my bare hands and bare feet, or lack of using them. I killed my plant. It wasn’t the first.  Everyday I watched it die a slow agonizing death.  My backyard was suppose to be its haven, instead I made it its death row cell and it was dead plant walking. All I had to do was go over to the sink fill up a container of water (our elixir of life) and walk back to my poor plant and pour. Finally I intervened like a governor according a pardon. Time will tell if it comes back from the dead. I wonder if my plant saw the light at the end of the tunnel and cursed my name into the heavens, as it lay wanton and listless begging to be fed. Did it warn my other thriving foliage in my backyard to my serial killer tendencies? Don’t laugh, plants have abilities to communicate, how is still a wonder, but they definitely do and not just to their fellow seedlings, they network with insects too, which leads me to another murderous fact.

People kill bugs every day. Sometimes they murder them, with a steel tipped boot or with a soft scented tissue or floral-designed paper towel, crunching beneath them all. It is curious how Homo sapiens so large and strapping next to a measly bug could find its insectile enemy so threatening. Kind of reminds me of David and Goliath or how countries view one another in their race to rule the world. Don’t we already know that cockroaches will win that war?  Just like with terrorists, you kill one and one is already back in place before the body is cold. Bugs Are Terrorists. Imagine that headline in a newspaper.

Speaking of media…news outlets and their pundits kill news stories in hopes of having the world ignorant in its bliss. News is killed to keep the populace safe and germ free in their little bubble of a life. For the germ of the truth might spread like a disease and riddle the world with distrust and hatred and we don’t want that. We’re mad enough as it is. Just ask Edgar Allen Poe who once quoted this lofty piece Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.”

Ahhh such diction that quote emanates. Vocabulary was once something poetic, triumphant and glorious. Most of us, hopefully, but not quite accurately, have completed those arduous twelve years of schooling. However, we kill the English language everyday by using acronyms and shortened versions of words to express ourselves in the ever-expanding technological coliseum of expression. Words fight to the death to remain alive to see another day and the outcome is bleak for prose that isn’t ‘hip’. LOL is a synonym for Losing Our Language. Everyone should be on death row for this abhorrent betrayal of his or her tongue.  Why must proper usage fall to the waste side and die in order for us to be modernly loquacious and articulate?  Society is tolerating the lower expectations and killing English as we know it in the process.

Is this kind? No. But we are a selfish lot. We use deceit and lies to get what we want. We sometimes do this by killing with kindness. We put on our sweet smiling faces and becomes frenemies with our enemies and bite our tongues when it really should be wagged, all for the sake of escalating ourselves higher in society or for simply wanting someone to like us, so we’re not alone in our little bubble anymore. Alas, that is the human condition and unfortunately is not something we can change.

How can we change when we won’t even change the way we treat ourselves, never mind someone else. We kill ourselves, everyday, slowly, with opiates, prescription meds, alcohol, and fatty fast foods.  All designed to make us feel better. Do you feel any better?  Why do we asphyxiate ourselves in our sorrows and insecurities and see negativity clearer than the positive? Why not let the light shine brighter on happiness?

From one fellow executioner to another, if you find yourself wearing that hood and standing next to the guillotine, why don’t you take it off, breathe a little and step aside. Something to think about the next time you inadvertently drop that blade. Oh and don’t shoot (and kill) the messenger.  Thank you.

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9 Feb

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