Daily Design Inspiration is just that. A daily dose of eye candy to highlight artworks utilizing graphic design, painting, illustration techniques, or computer graphics, that we find for your viewing pleasure. We have a special edition today…Alice in Wonderland.

Who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? No one it seems, as indicated by Tim Burton’s film breaking records, with the opening weekend tallied at a staggering 116.1M at the box office. On that note…it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase some cool art works that are Alice in Wonderland themed for you inspiration. It is amazing how many different interpretations can be made.

Alice by f-wd

concept art by Michael Kutsche

Wonderland by Ralph Horsley

by Handrew X

by Britz Fitz

Sketches by lighterheaven

Batman in Wonderland by Duss005

Alice Go Cry by thegirlinthebigbox

Alice in Wonderland by Sandy Sandy 1993

Where is Alice? by Virus69

Alice and the Hatter by Somefield

Lily in Her Wonderland by X Princess

Wonderland by Nifty Ness

The Wonderland More Treaditi by Mortiferi

Alice in Wonderland by Shadowgirl

Alice by Groene inkt

Death in Wonderland by Duss

by Claire Maeda

Alice’s Tea Party by SkyFinch

Alice by Within Dreams

This last one reminds me of Picasso’s Guernica.

Alice by Neglected Memories

This is what the world will be coming to soon. Good ol’ paperbacks might soon be extinct or a specialty item. So laugh now. Cartoon by Jeff Stahler.

Bad Motha Eraserhead

Dave MacDowell recently has his amazing acrylic painting exhibited at the Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle, WA on March 4th. Who is he and what kind of work does he do? Well read on…

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As creepy as it might be, I really like this. It’s morbidly curious and the silver ornate piece that allows it to be hung is really cool. A conversation piece if I ever saw one. But obviously not for any PETA petitioners!

Product description:

A vintage Black Forest Hunting Relic! These were worn to adorn a traditional folk costumes and thought to bring good luck and protection while hunting. The pendants were regarded as supernatural objects and each piece was endowed with a special mystical power: to protect, to ward off sickness, strengthen the body, and keep away evil spirits.

You can by the piece from LadyLavona on Etsy for $125.00.

Impressive and heartfelt animated story by Ian Worrel, about an innocent day spent between a man (who looks like a little Moses) and his huge cat companion, that leads to consequential circumstances. Accompanied by Renaissance music which is a great backdrop to the story. A must see.

from on .

Part steampunk, part bionics, and part taxidermy, these animal sculptures are truly amazing.

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Paper cutting art is like stippling, it requires a steady hand and loads of patience and we should admire anyone who does it.   We recently came across Helen Musselwhite’s extraordinary hand cut paper art and had to share her works. Here are some samples…

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