This is all kinds of wrong. Not only for the obvious reasons, but Fred and Barney opt to ditch the woman while they work, instead of giving a helping hand.

Cool fan made Lost Posters by Gideon.

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The National Heritage Museum in Lexington, MA will host the exhibit “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World” from April 3 through June 27, 2010. The show, organized by the Smithsonian Institution, The Jim Henson Legacy, and The Biography Channel, celebrates the life of Muppets creator Jim Henson and features work from throughout his career.

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Every year Red Bull hosts an Art Design Contest/Exhibition in which chosen artists from all over the world are asked to create original works of art using only Red Bull cans aptly named Red Bull Art of Can. This year’s event took place March 4th-14th 2009 in Miami, FL and is coming to The Gallery  on July 31 – August 22, 2010 in Dallas, TX.  Leave your vodka at home.

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When viewing a piece of art, we usually only see a finished product. We either admire it, or we don’t. I really appreciate an artist’s work even more when I have the opportunity to see what exactly went into producing a piece, the process by which they came to their conclusion. A growing trend of artist’s is to video this process and condense their labor into a time-lapsed video. Just when you think a painting is finished, the artist adds more. It is fascinating to watch and learn what is actually ‘put into’ such works.

Here is such a video by artist Patrick Martinez titled ‘Blow Up Status’. He shot the video in his studio compiling thee weeks worth of work in under four minutes. Music is by Jay Electronica.

Visit his website, he has a lot bad ass paintings that have blatant messages.

Columbia University currently has an online exhibit of  essayist and avant-garde novelist William S. Buroughs (1914-1997), who scribed The Naked Lunch, Junky, and Queer, titled ‘Naked Lunch’: The First Fifty Years.

William S. Burroughs - 1980

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Bored with the way food looks? Wish it had more pizazz? Grab a can of this Esslack edible silver and gold paint and start turning your food into something more bling worthy.

Created by The Deli Garage, a German food cooperative, that helps small local manufacturers market their products, turning quality delicacies into special design products. teamed up with creative agency Korefe to dream up the illustrative packaging for Esslack.

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