You talking to me? Yea, I’m talking to you. Here is Tim Doyle’s De Niro Six Times Art Print. Four color silkscreen, with a limited edition print run. Available for $30.

Check out this Laser Suit created by digital artist and installation designer Wei Chieh Shih, from Taipei. There are 200 laser diodes attached to the jacket.

You know you want one. All you would need is a boom box and Prodigy mix tape and your good to go.

Pre-laser light show…

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Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1967, Michele Brody received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 1989 and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994. Utilizing her strong background in the liberal arts, she creates site-specific, mixed media installations and works of public art that are generated by the history, culture, environment, and architecture of a wide range of exhibition spaces.

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We all love our mothers. Or do we? If your struggling with let’s say a not too nice mother-in-law or you just all around hate your mom (hey there’s a few out there somewhere)…then you might just appreciate these items.

No disrespect to mothers anywhere…here are some Anti-Mother’s Day items you can get a kick out of.

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There is just something about this ring that screams ‘cool’.  Maybe because it has hinges, changes shape and has moving parts, and  it is minimalistic yet complicated at the same time. Who knows…but we dig it.

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Are Star Wars geek? Have you ever wanted your own lightsaber? Well..feast your eyes young Jedi…on this Mini LightSaber Kit.

Product Description: With this Star Wars Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab, you can build a real working mini version of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. Includes four colored crystals for various light effects, two lenses for optic experiments, and a fun and informative learning guide. Lightsaber is 8 1/4-inches long when fully assembled.

I am skeptical about it’s $12.99 price tag.  Seems a bit cheap inexpensive. If it made this noise, I’d be happy though.

Amy Nelder, a San Francisco artist, has been selling her fine art for over 10 years. Her paintings reveal happy, bright, magical urban scenes of great American cities from San Francisco to New Orleans to New York – reminiscent of the early work of famed Japanese artist Yamagata. She is also well-known throughout San Francisco for her mural work that graces the city.

A New Exhibition at the Galerie Bal Enchante

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