She goes by a couple of names, such as Maria Trillidou and Carmen Mare. There is a secret meaning behind all of it, as she mentions on her website which will be open soon.

Regardless, what do you expect from an artist that produces surrealistic paintings like she does. Here are samples of her work…

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If you stepped into a trippy Candyland, this is what you would find, in the animated video ‘Dry Fish’ by Andy Martin.

One character sings, as little blobs, pandas and cuddly creatures bounce around. Check it out…


Scott Fife, Kurt Cobain 2006

Currently running through September 6, 2010, is the exhibition Kurt, at the Seattle Art Museum. About the exhibition: Kurt Cobain symbolized the ideals, aspirations and disappointments of the ’90s generation, and a diverse array of artists have incorporated his image into their work to comment on those issues.

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Tom Bagshaw’s Yokai Dreams Solo Art Show is currently running through May 29, 2010 at Knifesmith Gallery in Bristol.

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Talented is an understatement when describing Mandril’s intricate and detailed designs.

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On sale now are two Evil Dead posters at Mondotees, one by Olly Moss, the other by Florian Bertmer. They are available for $35. Evil Dead fans better snatch them up quick there are limited edition.

Olly Moss…

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This movie theater is located in Seattle, WA and was built in 1921. A rare breed.

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