Florence and The Machine’s ‘Rabbit Heart’ (Raise it Up) The Lionheart mix by Bech.

Type addicts or those fond of unique fashion finds will scoop this letter laser cut scarf right up. You can choose from lowercase, uppercase or even numbers in black or white.  Available at Little Factory. See photos below…


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When the violence of individuals generates the birth of a strange collective monster, anything is possible. A surrealist vision of inhumanity.

This sand animation film (frame by frame, was drawn only with sand) is by author and filmmaker David Myriam.

This film was screened in many festivals including Lille, Aubagne, Neufchâteau, Wissembourg, Vaulx-en-Velin, Norwich, Barcelone (l’Alternativa), Lyon (Les Inattendus), Traverse video Toulouse (France), Festival CurtaCinema Rio 2006, Hiroshima Festival 2006, and Norwich Animation Festival 2005.

You pick up your cell phone and dial your BFF without hassle or thought, but have you wondered how it actually works? Check out this infographic to find out.

How Cell Phone Calls Work
Via: Cell Phones

‘Impossible Motions’ 3D Illusions Video by Kokichi Sugihara at the Global COE Formation and Development of Mathematics, Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences, in Kawasaki, Japan. Seemingly impossible illusionary tricks are soon dispelled when it is viewed from a different perspective.

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We’ve all been surfing the internets for quite some time and have come across some head-scratching, mind boggling things over the years, but I doubt none so much as Larry Carlson multi-media art. As our tagline suggests “Invoking All 5 Senses”, Carlson’s work invokes about 10 more we don’t even know exist.

His videos are what the 1960′s must have looked like on an acid trip. Carlson’s work cannot be explained in one word, nor in one sentence. You simply have to see it for yourself. Like Star Trek…he boldly goes where no man has gone before.

A bio bit from his website: Larry Carlson is a visionary multi media artist. Working with computers he creates artwork that is completely mind blowing. His work spans a variety of forms including web-art, video-art, digital art, animation, text-art, sound art, photography, and collage painting. He is best known for his work in online web-art, in which he created several sites which feature his mind boggling movies.

Here are samples of his artwork…

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Friday means Food Links and we have a whole lot of interesting things for this week.  Besides yummy recipes, you can learn how to make a perfect iced-coffee, a new twist on the grilled cheese sandwich, news about Heinz Ketchup and a lot more…


What is a snack exchange? Simply put…you exchange snacks with someone else around the globe.  Reddit, which is like Digg (but better, in my opinion), has subreddits, which are like categories, and one such subreddit is called “Snack Exchange”. Here you can post where you’re from and where you’d like to obtain snacks from. Ever wanted to try chocolate from Asia? Or potato chips from Ireland?  You can and in return you send a parcel of snacks from your area.

You must sign up for a Reddit account first (which is easy as pie), then you can get your exchange going. I suggest to read up on Reddit FAQ’s and get yourself familiar with posting on the site before actually posting…just so you know the etiquette for the site and how it works.

Here is the Snack Exchange Link to get started.  Happy Snacking!

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