An orgiastic optical experience awaits anyone who attends Smack Nightclub in Leamington Spa, UK. Check out this LED light show. Wow.


Yoshitomo Nara unveiled a new series of works at Japan’s Tomio Koyama Gallery on May 16th. This show will be his debut using ceramics, after more than a year’s training at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Shigaraki. Included in the exhibit, are large and small sculptural works in combination with some drawings. This is Nara’s fifth show with Tomio Koyama Gallery, since “new drawings” exhibition in 2003.

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When one thinks of Oscar nominated filmmaker David Lynch, they think of such famous films as ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Lost Highway’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’. However, onbeknowst to many, Lynch has dabbled in the past on fashion films for Gucci, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. He has now now added Christian Dior to that list.

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Daily Design Inspiration is just that. A daily dose of eye candy to highlight artworks we find for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. Today we are highlighting ‘Poster Design’.


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Super talented artist Iain Macarthur is based in Swinton, England.  His work is heavily influenced by artists such as Klimt, Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, James Jean, to name a few. Here are some samples his artwork…

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Chilean artist Carlos Valenzuela is a professional comic book artist and illustrator.

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An experimental video created as a final project for a procedural animation class by Aleksandar Rodic, which was inspired by demoscene, 3D pipes screensaver  and sub-atomic particle collision images. The name comes from the Higgs Boson particle which is expected to provide a scientific foundation for the origin of mass in the universe.

Please expand to full screen (in the lower right corner, the arrows pointing outward). It must be seen this way to experience the awesome this video brings.

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