Nature inspired illustrations by Scott Marr, utilizing the most unique of mediums…such as burnt paper, coffee beans and eucalypt ash.

“We eat what we are” – Burnt paper, eucalypt sap, bark and charcoal, sandal wood berry, acacia sap, ochres, coriopsus flower and eucalypt ash.

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A new visual corporate identity for Prague Public Transport Company, a comprehensive unifying communications, which is what the largest domestic carrier presents. Designed by Vizuální Komunikace & Design.

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Wood McGrath was commissioned to design the award for The British Council Art, Architecture & Design department’s International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year 2007. Each year the award consists of a unique A1 framed poster, which features the same quote by writer George Bernard Shaw.

Their interpretation of the quote led them to divide the letter forms in half using a combination of printing, hand cutting and folding in order to reflect the duality of the statement.

The finished concept is beautiful.

A daily dose of eye candy to highlight artworks we find for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. Today we are highlighting ‘iPhone and iPad Art’. All of the following art was done utilizing the iPhone or iPad.

Magnus Blank

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The Brooklyn Bridge turns 127 years old today, here is a retrospective flashback in pictures…

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Yuko Takada Keller, a Japanese Paper Artist who currently lives in Helsinge, Denmark. She exhibits her work not only in Denmark but also in some other European countries as well as Japan. These are  made from tracing paper…

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Instead of listening to the sound of those annoying alarms make and trying to shut it off with a half-awake flap of your arm this new alarm clock pillow requires only a stretch to shut it off.

Behold the Stretching Alarm Clock…

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