Beautiful time lapse video of ‘Mountain Light’ by Tom Lowe. Imagine projecting this on the ceiling and watching it with all the lights off.

Going to an important meeting and want to emanate James Bond by carrying your important documents covertly? Now you can with these cufflinks that are actually 2GB USB Flash Drives by Ravi Ratan.

Available in gunmetal and gold finishes so no crimping on flash (no pun intended) and style. They go for $195 a pair.

These Eyelashes, are inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting and blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design.

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Independent game developer Pavlov’s Kitchen, LLC announced the public release of “Shadows of Orleans: Voodoo Wars” at Voodoo Wars is stylized role-playing game of strategy based in the Time Rift of Orleans, where the physical and spiritual worlds intertwine.

In Voodoo Wars, a player chooses equipment and spells to fight other characters to earn increased wealth and status. Rather than simply click “Fight” and await a result, the player directs his or her fighting strategy to directly effect the outcome of the fight.

Voodoo Wars is a casual game that can be played in minutes. Or, the player can immerse himself or herself in the strategies of offense and defense using the values and percentages of the spells and equipment used in the fights.

City of “COLORS”, a city where everyone lives according to their own colors which represent their ‘class’ in society. The story is about an average girl who wanted to be somebody greater than she is now. She’s arrogant, in the other side, she has lost her own identity for her belief that she’s not great, that she’s ugly, that she doesn’t belong to the place where she lives now. She wants to be somebody she’s not. One day, she’s given an opportunity to experience a day living as ‘somebody’ whom she thinks is ‘ideal’. The result? She looked down on everyone. Some people are not happy for her doing that, some people felt insulted, offended and they don’t want to stay quiet.

Video by Randy Raharja.

New works by artist Vijayakumar Arumugam.

Visit his website to see more of his work.

Stacks of staples were broken into varying sizes from full stacks about 12cm high down to single staples. These stacks were then stood up and arranged over a period of 40 hours, by artist Peter Root.

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