Opening September 23, 2011 is the Sanford Biggers: Sweet Funk – An Introspective at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. New York-based artist Sanford Biggers challenges and reinterprets symbols and legacies that inform contemporary America in the focused selection of thirteen pieces in the exhibit.

The exhibition is Biggers’ first museum presentation in New York, and it is the Brooklyn debut of Blossom (2007), a large-scale multimedia installation that incorporates references ranging from lynchings to Buddha’s enlightenment under the bodhi tree. Recently acquired by the Brooklyn Museum, Blossom also alludes to the ideologically tinged landscapes of artists such as Alfred Bierstadt and Frederic Church.

Blossom (2007)

Cheshire (2008)

Chesire (2008) another related piece, is a sculpture that references both the disembodied smile of the eponymous cat and the caricatured grin associated with blackface minstrelsy.

The exhibition runs through January 8, 2012.

Love and Rockets: Artist Yaron Bob Turns Bombs into Roses

by Lorette C. Luzajic

Israeli artist Yaron Bob was looking for “a new symbol of peace, and an answer to death.”

Yaron Bob with his sculptures.

The computer teacher, blacksmith, and metal sculptor sought a way to symbolize to the world that the people of Israel desire peace, while contributing something to the forgotten victims of terrorism. There are tens of thousands of terrorist attacks, murders and rockets fired from Palestinian terrorists at Israeli civilians- not just soldiers- every year.

Jihadists launching rockets

So Yaron Bob began fashioning beautiful roses out of spent Kassam rockets he collected from the police station. A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to build and maintain bomb shelters in Israel.

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Here are the 4th and 5th trailer in the series of 9 for the FCUK Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign from the music video production company Paydirt.

The Suit features the track ‘Look at Me Now’ by Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes.

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For this year’s London Design Festival 2011 graphic artist Noma Bar will be creating an interactive art-making machine for the event called ‘Cut It Out’. It is a specially commissioned, *Heath Robinson-esque embossing device /sculpture in the shape of a giant dog, which will allow visitors to feed paper, rubber and other materials into its mouth to produce their own cut-out Noma Bar images. The images will be signed and numbered by the artist as part of a limited edition series

(*William Heath Robinson was an English illustrator and cartoonist who was known for his drawings of eccentric machinery.)

For the event, Noma will also be exhibiting a range of new prints, displaying an imaginative mixture of ‘multistability’ imagery, with negative space playing a major role.

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Presented by Monte Beachamp and opening at the Copro Gallery September 10, 2011 is the seventh annual Blab! Show which will be previewing artwork from the upcoming volumes of BLABWORLD No. 2 and 3.

The show will also feature Ryan Heshka’s “Strange Powers 2″. Among the artists included in this exhibit are: Joe Sorren, Sas Christian, Shag, Marc Burkhardt, Ryan Heshka, Martin Wittfooth, Gary Baseman, Jean-Pierre Roy, Ana Bagayan, Mark Garro, Brook Slane, Owen Smith, Robert Connett, Jana Burke, Alex Kuno, Mark Todd Laurie Hogin and more.

Ryan Heshka – Enter the Creeper

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SCION presents A Product of Design Exhibition

Opening September 17th and running through October 8th, 2011 at Scion’s Culver City gallery is ‘A Product of Design’ exhibition which spotlights the blurred line between product and art object, and between collectibility and function. ‘A Product of Design’ celebrates a cross-section of companies and individuals who work is graphic and inspiring.

Featured designers will be The Solitary Arts, Andy Mueller (The Quiet Life), Peter Buchanan-Smith (Best Made Co.), Colophon Foundry, Various Projects, Hugo & Marie, Booji, Ben Blanc Studio, and JB Lab.

First let’s talk about the Curator…

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Contemporary Art in Eastern Europe – An Important Addition to Every Art and History Library

By Lorette C. Luzajic

One of the best ways to learn about history, geography and culture is through art. The personal interpretations expressed through art give depth to the politics, traditions, and experiences involved in history and its culmination in current events.

Black Dog Publishing’s Contemporary Art in Eastern Europe showcases a broad selection of mediums, arranged in this way rather than by artist as a way of  “paying testament to the fluidity of borders and geographical regions that the book looks to highlight, and furthering creative discussion through the juxtaposition of artists’ nationalities and works.”

This anthology is especially vital because of the simple fact that communism, which has had an iron fist- or hammer and sickle- on Eastern Europe, censors individuality and dissent. Artists in these regimes worked in secrecy and in danger. The tight reins and severe restrictions- torture and prison and death- on freedom of press and other modes of communication effectively silenced truth and creativity. In this context, the work shown in this book symbolically honours all the work that never saw the light of day. For this reason, I also see this book as a celebration of the collapse of these systems.

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