Summer time is officially in full swing. Hot, sticky, and in some parts of the country, very short. Here is a nostalgic throwback to the freestyle hit ‘Summertime Summertime’ by Corina who had a string of hits from the late 80′s through the 90′s.

Gordon Young is a visual artist who focuses on creating art for the public domain. His work ranges from sculptures to typographic pavements for places as disrelated as government headquarters and village squares.

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of Europe’s leading open air art organizations. As part of a major fundraising initiative, the Walk of Art was conceived; a 110 metre pathway leading up to the new visitor centre designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects. Made from stainless steel, the path contains the names of all donors to the park and grows with each new donor.

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This week’s Friday Food Links we have an interview with Anthony Bourdain, an article all about onions, a Scottish Tablet recipe, Sushi facts, how to watch the world Cup 2010 and dine as if you were in South Africa and a multitude of recipes, even one by film director Robert Rodriguez. We search for yummy food links and recipes, so you don’t have to.


In the spirit of of the male identity, by which American men were expected to know how to mix a signature cocktail, Bernard DeVoto wrote a book titled “The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto” that was first published in 1948.

Illustration by William Barss (how apropos… Bars…get it…anyway…)

Being out of print for decades, it is now being re-issued by Tin House Books. Read whole article: nytimes

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The reliance on creating an event atmosphere around movies — something that’s been going on for a number of years now but really has seen some success in 2010 — is coming at a time when theatrical windows are shrinking (“Alice in Wonderland” famously went to DVD less than three months after its initial release) and DVD revenues are dropping. That’s meant more focus on a movie’s opening weekend and a strong opening during that frame.

To some extent every movie-marketing campaign attempts to make the film it’s supporting into an event. But while the campaigns for “Alice in Wonderland” (see Johnny Depp ham it up — in 3-D!) and “Clash of the Titans” (see Liam Neeson release the Kraken — in 3-D!) motivated audiences to spend their hard-earned dollars on high-priced 3-D tickets, the marketing for “Sex and the City 2,” “Robin Hood” and other summer tentpoles didn’t deliver, or at least didn’t live up to expectations.

So why fewer movies opening at No. 1? Read whole article: adage

I say stop promoting ever single film as ‘must-see’. It loses it’s meaning after a while. Like the boy who cried wolf. Audiences’ trust will wan. All movies need marketing but they must earn their ‘must-see’ status. This opens up an interesting line of discussion. Do you believe the hype? What propels you to see a film? Is it a franchise that you enjoyed and see it regardless of it’s advertising campaign in your face during every commercial break? Do the actors play a large role in your decision? Or are the reviews for a film the deciding factor?

Ken Wong, illustrator and designer from Adelaide, Australia currently works as an Art Director at a computer game studio called Spicy Horse, in Shanghai.

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Barbie’s have come along way since their debut in 1959 (original Barbie’s below). The one on the pedestal kind of looks like Debbie Mazar if you ask me.

Don’t believe me…take a look…

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This is what I picture the two twins from The Shining would be doing in the afterlife; frolicking in an open space with that ever present evil grin on their faces.

This acrylic on canvas piece is titled Two Figures by figurative painter Dana Nacer, who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

This piece is available for purchase on her Etsy Shop.

Trivia: The Shining twins were played by real life twins Lisa & Louise Burns. They’re film career was very short, neither made another movie after The Shining. Instead, they both went on to higher learning. Lisa Burns earned a degree in Literature, while her sister, Louise became a microbiologist.

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