Creatures, critters, characters, and females encompass the artworks of talented artist/illustrator Chris Kisler.

Drawing his own comics as a youngster before he could even read them, Chris Kisler began artistic studies at a relatively early age. With fun and daring often taking precedence over glory and riches, Chris Kisler has worked for a multitude of projects and businesses, ranging from independent films and video games, to ambitious start-ups, to trans-Pacific collaborations, to design work for the entertainment monolith Disney.

Chris Kisler currently resides in San Francisco, CA.

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From Researchers Peter Barnum Srinivasa Narasimhan, and Takeo Kanade at Carnegie Mellon University comes this waterfall display which synchronizes droplets of water that projects images onto a series of water screens, one behind the other, to give depth to the image.

Each screen is formed by water droplets falling from 50 stainless-steel needles. The needles release their droplets in unison, with 60 such lines created every second. A camera tracks their position and feeds the information to a projector, which illuminates them with pulses of light. The human eye integrates the information from several pulses to create the illusion of images moving on a floating screen.

Check out this video of 3D Tetris game.

Kiwi and Pom were commissioned by Wallpaper* Magazine, to design the Disco Chair. A bespoke illuminated furniture concept. Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.

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Banana yellow Corvettes and bright orange Mustangs or sooo passé. If you want attention, think bling.  Instead drive this flashy crystal covered convertible baby down the street, but only when it’s cloudy, cause if it’s sunny, the glare might cause someone to get into an accident.

Behold the Anjuny Swarovski Crystal Smart Car.

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Watch 36 Skateboarders band together to create a neon Tetris game live on the streets of San Francisco. Skating downhill they fit their respective neon head gear pieces into place and make the Tetris puzzle come alive.

It looks like so much fun.
Music: Copy, “You cannot believe it”. Remixed by e*rock.

What would be even better is a full-on game of live Pac Man on the streets of New York City at night. The city had the perfect grid system for it. Picture the entire city shut down, everyone on skates or boards. Little yellow foam balls scattered up and down each street. A bag of fruit at major intersections such as Times Square, Union Square, Christopher and 7th Ave, etc. All shot from a live helicopter cam circling above. How awesome would that be?  It’s a nice thought, but it could never happen.

Fans of Absolut vodka will appreciate this piece made from recycled Absolut bottles from Wild Apple Glass Studios. If they made one in Belvedere Chelsea Handler would probably get one.

You can purchase this piece from our Gilbert Goodies Store under Products.

From the creative ad agency Liksus, in Beijing, China come these beautiful Aucam ads, which turns an ordinary product such as a fan into a piece of art.

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