A look at 36 amazing surrealistic illustrated Polish theater posters. Great for inspiration.

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Mike Mitchell’s commemorative show poster for ‘Crazy 4 Cult 4′ is on sale at Gallery1988 for $20. This piece was featured in the ”Crazy 4 Cult 4″ exhibit at Gallery1988 Los Angeles.

How many movies can you name?

A look at World War II propaganda posters from the 1940′s, issued from the onset of the war.

It’s plain horse sense : act, think safety / 1942. United States. Division of Labor Standards.

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Ever wonder what went into making the True Blood opening title sequence? Especially that last bit with red cellophane looking film and title? Check out this video to see how.

Artist Mark Mchaley’s sci-fi paintings include scenes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Lord of the Rings. They are pretty darn cool.

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We keep taking, taking, taking and never give back. Watch this video ‘When Humans Ruled the Earth‘ about human consumption and our addiction to it. This way of life will eventually destroy the earth.

Brilliantly drawn by Stephen Ong. Tip: View full screen to see it better. (Arrows out)

The Adventures of André and Wally B. is an animated short made in 1984 by the Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Project, which was later spun out as a startup company called Pixar. Although it is technically not a Pixar short, the animation was by John Lasseter (who had originally made it for his son), who was working on his first computer animated project and would move on to become director and the chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Although the film terrified Lasseter’s son, the animation was groundbreaking at the time, and helped spark the film industry’s interest in computer animation.

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