David LaChapelle’s solo exhibition ‘American Jesus’ at Paul Kasmin Gallery, and his most recent solo show in New York since 2008, will be on view through September 18, 2010.

LaChapelle draws on an immense lexicon of art historical references, current events, and popular culture, to make visually compelling images each unique in their narrative and evocative content.

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Ready to go deep? Here is an exploration into the world of the Mandelbrot Set and fractal geometry in a series of videos brought to you by Arthur C. Clarke titled ‘Fractals The Colors of Infinity’.

Photo courtesy of flickrnospam

This show relates the science of the M-Set to nature in a way that seems to identify the hand of God in the design of the universe itself. Dr. Mandelbrot in 1980 discovered the infinitely complex geometrical shape called the Mandelbrot Set using a very simple equation with computers and graphics.

This is the first video in a series of 6.

YouTube Preview Image

Series Part 2 – 6 below.

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If you want to see how to sketch (a car in particular)…check out this video tutorial ‘The Techniques of Mikael Lugnegård’ as he takes you on a journey of sketching, music and words of wisdom about designing.

The video is designed to be either like an art lecture, where you sit and sketch with Mikael or just to watch and learn.

Artist Eric Joyner has an upcoming show titled Donut Logic at Corey Helford Gallery opening August 14th which runs through September 1, 2010. Joyner paintings have a whimsical unexpected mix of robots and donuts…depicting mechanical men and women inspired by the designs of toy tin machines from the 40′s through the 60′s, often in outlandish and impossible settings.

Joyner attended the Academy of Art and the University of San Francisco and went on to establish himself as a commercial artist, creating illustrations for Mattel Toys, Levi’s, Microsoft and Showtime. He has been a freelance illustrator for 20 years.

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UK street artist, Paul Insect had a 2007 solo show Bullion exhibition at London’s Lazarides Gallery and fame soon came after that, having collaborated alongside Bansky on two project and catching the eye of Damien Hirst.

Paul Insect (aka PINS) artworks includes screen prints, urban street art, and stickers filled with pop culture references, flaunting with images of death and the naughty.

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Lauren K. Hamilton is an artist based in New Jersey who describes her work as surreal fantasy. Here are some of her illustrations…

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If your looking to get your socks blown off by some fantastical upgrade in Predators, directed by Nimród Antal, it just won’t happen.  In this quasi-sequel (it’s not really a reboot) to the 1987 original film Predator, no matter how things change they more they remain the same. The only main change are the eight new stereotypical characters running through the jungle together.

Adrien Brody is the new Schwarzenegger, named Royce, replete with major abs. You can tell Brody worked his ass off, I mean chest off to get this part. What a transformation! The remaining seven are Edwin (Topher Grace) the one who ‘doesn’t belong in this picture’. Not the film itself, just the odd man out. Isabelle (Alice Bragga), the token female who can also kick some ass, Stans (Walter Boggins) the typical loose canon of any bunch, Chuchillo (played by Danny Trejo) who I think is in every action movie ever made (by Robert Rodriguez at least, he produced the film), Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchein) the sword wielding Asian dressed in a suit, Mombasa (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) the African renegade, and last but not least, Nikolai, the token Russian, (played by Oleg Takterov, who usually portrays the bad guy but in this flick he’s actually a sweetheart). It’s the United Nations of trained killers plunked down on a mysterious island.

Soon they learn they are actually the ‘game’ on this wild island preserve. Cue commentary from each character formulating their predicament and what they should do. Next, the pick off. You know people will die. It is just who goes first and who ends up surviving and what kind of tactics they use to survive.

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