Illustrator Conrad Roset resides in Barcelona, Spain. His clients include Zara, Adidas, Oceano, Filmax (Nocturna’s film), Periferiaestudio, Escletxa, Buble and Globalrhytm. Here are some of his fairy tale illustrations.

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Check out these cool creature illustrations by Spencer Mann. Colorful and fun!

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The paintings of Nicola Lopez…

Regarding her work she states “I draw on the visual language of cartography in order to evoke the idea of mapping, although my maps do not refer to actual places. Neither are they depictions of utopias or dystopias; they are maps that represent how our actual world is structured, not on a literally geographical, but on an experiential level.”

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Welcome to another addition of Friday Food Links! This week you can learn how M&M’s are made, new food trends, 50 ways to make ramen noodles, secrets waiters don’t want you to know, great tapas recipes and some some awesome cheesecake desserts. We search for yummy food links and recipes, so you don’t have to. Enjoy!


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Jonny Wan’s letterfoms are his self initiated project to further his personal practice into working more closely with type. He created the whole alphabet to not only get a feel for working with letterforms but also to experiment with how he can manipulate his style to suit the type.

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Boring is a word that could never be used in describing Richard Coleman’s artwork. Bold, colorful and hypnotic would be the optimum choice.

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Nirma Sudha Salt illustrated print ads from India are slightly confusing. Upon first glance one would guess it is for one type of salt that is lemony and the other a bit spicy. But the tag line throws it off. Salt that covers up flavor?

Honestly who cares…it’s the detail in the illustrations that are awesome even if they are borderline violent.

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