The Thoughts In Type series posters are the ultimate in Rebus goodness!

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In most scary movies the characters make the same cliché mistakes over and over and over again. You don’t want to be like them — be prepared so it doesn’t happen to you.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Things Never to Do in a Scary Movie. Ever!

10. Take an alternate or short cut route while driving. You might think you’ll get to your desination faster, but in a scary movie you end up never making it at all.

9. Listen to a stranger when they give you directions.  They are probably part of whatever psycho gang that roams the deserted part of town they are diverting you to.  Creepy townsfolk usually work in pairs or more.  Do not trust people dressed in uniform, it could be a trap. Be like a man in this case and drive around till you find your destination. Asking for directions is for pussy willows.

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DC Comics fanboy (or girl)? Love to have Batman on your wall? Well check out Cooler Walls comic character wall murals. Printed on high grade commercial wallpaper, they are designed to have the effect of canvas style skin when applied.

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Under the title Spagotzen, a neologism coined by the artist, the exhibition comprises fifteen works showing mysterious figures bathed in an artificial light typical of Richter, against a sometimes seismographically linear background. They seem like actors on a stage, engaged in strange kinds of interaction.

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This might be as old as dirt, but we recently came across this gem titled ‘Billy’s Balloon’ by Don Hertzfeldt that will alter the way you think of balloons forever. Watch as poor Billy is tormented by his sadistic balloon. It’s so messed up it’s comical.

YouTube Preview Image

Don Hertzfeldt is known for short animated films and recently won the San Francisco International Film Festival’s “Persistence of Vision” Lifetime Achievement Award in April of this year.

You can check out events/appearances and information on Hertzfeldt’s films on Bitter Films website.

Federico Uribe uses unique materials to create his unusual people and torso sculptures…such as pencils, safety pins, books and pennies to name a few. He also creates brilliant installations from these types of materials. Check out his awe-inspiring pieces.

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François Vautier installed an entire ant colony inside his scanner five years ago. François then produced this time-lapse video by which he scanned the nest every week. Take a look at the most unusual video you will ever see.

Music: Franks by Infected Mushroom

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