For the past 24 months Glick International has been working on a project titled ‘Everyone’ and the resulting artwork is a series of digital prints, carved wooden and gilded bronzed sculptures highlighting people as ‘Gods’. They are portraits of adults and children in everyday western clothes adopting poses that suggest religious characters.

The works are currently on show at the Ryan Renshaw Gallery.

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Emek is a poster artist extraordinaire! He had designed posters for The Decemberists, Erykah Badu, Coachella 2010, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, the list goes on and on.

Here is one of my favorites by Emek for the movie The Hangover.

Some background behind the design as described on Emek’s website:

“Justin Hampton of PNE was contacted by movie director Todd Phillips. He explained that he wanted to do something special for the cast and crew of his movie ‘The Hangover,’ as it had become the highest grossing comedy of all time. A great rapport developed and Phillips commissioned PNE for a special project.

Todd asked Hampton to oversee the art direction of his vision with PNE. He wanted Justin, Emek and Jermaine to create a set of commemorative rock-art style prints that embraced the no-holds-barred and reckless abandon of his hit film. “Make the posters…just wrong” he said. With this inspiration, the trifecta set out to do just that. After months in development the project is now finished and the set of 3 prints is complete, each showcasing a different slant on the film.”

Check out the poster print details and visit Emek’s website to see all his artwork.

Matt Kaufenberg is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently living in Minnesota. He is talented artist who’s work includes character cards, cute monster illustrations, comic book art, and pop art covers.

For the month of long gone March he illustrated a monster day…here are some samples…

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Update on our The Sky Tonight: 30 Days of Dusk Photography Project which we started back in June of this year and finally completed.

Here is the finished result in mosaic form…

You can view each photo on Flickr. All photos were taken with a cell phone. I actually got a shot of a cloud formation that resembled a heart (on day 12). This is one of my favorites.

The opening reception for Buff Monster’s Beyond The Pink Show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culvert City, Ca is September 4th and the show runs through September 22, 2010. This will be his fourth solo exhibit at the gallery. These new paintings are inspired by his recent trip to Europe.

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In this exhibition, the National Gallery of Art brings together nearly 60 of Munch’s most important prints to show how his persistent experimentation and virtuosic handling of woodcut, lithography, and intaglio endowed different impressions of his primary motifs with new meanings.

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Laurie Lipton was born in New York and began drawing at the age of four. She was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honours). She has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France and has made her home in London since 1986. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA.

Here are some of her commissioned pieces.

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