Russian artist Olga Balabanova resides in Nizhniy Novgorod. Here are some samples of her beautiful paintings.

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If you have never heard of The White Rabbit Gallery, here is your change to learn more about this amazing gallery that shows everything from sculptures to paintings to photography and installations.

The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s largest and most significant collections of contemporary Chinese art. Founded by Kerr and Judith Neilson, it focuses on works produced after 2000. Check out the video about the gallery.

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The White Rabbit Gallery, a specially converted knitting factory near Sydney’s Central Station, has four floors of exhibition space as well as a theatrette, a library and a teahouse. Only a fraction of the Collection is on show at any time. The entire contents of the gallery are rehung twice a year.

NYC gourmet food truck vendors like Big Gay Ice Cream and Schintzel and Things push street cart cuisine to new heights and give restaurants a run for their money in the process.

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A dose of eye candy to highlight artworks we find for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. This edition of Daily Inspiration we highlight Abstract Photography.

by Madazulu

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Friday always seems to roll around quicker all the time. But this is good. It means the weekend is upon us and it’s time for Friday Food Links & Recipes!! In this edition learn the history of ice cream floats, why have food allergies risen, awesome chicken recipes, Moroccan preserved lemons and how to make delicious donuts. We search for yummy food links and recipes, so you don’t have to. Enjoy!


Recalling images of 1950s Americana, ice cream floats symbolize a return to simpler times. According to food historians, the first ice cream soda was created by accident at the Philadelphia Exposition in October 1874. It was there that pharmacist Robert M. Green invented the now-familiar ice cream soda.

At that time, at soda fountains in pharmacies across America, the pharmacist or an employee known as a soda jerk (because he had to jerk back the tap of carbonated water to make a soda) would create a “cream soda” by adding a tablespoon of vanilla or other flavor of fountain syrup along with a tablespoonful of heavy cream to soda water. Read whole article: thenibble

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At the 2010 Royal College of Art Vehicle Design degree show, a driverless taxi, an eco car connected to an eco home, and a vehicle with a strong Finnish design identity were some of the highlights to be seen. The Design Degree Show is one of the hotbeds for recruiting talented emerging car designers – the alumni reads like a who’s who of the motoring industry – this year’s show felt uncharacteristically light on innovative thinking.

Marten Wallgren (Sweden) – ‘The Grid’

Swedish designer Marten Wallgren was deservedly awarded the prize for best design interpretation at the Pilkington Automotive Awards, which takes place alongside the show, for his 2025 commuter service concept.

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Juxtaposing combat troops with lollipops, bubble gum, and falling candy, “It Can’t Be All That Bad” poster by Roxanna Vizcarra takes a different approach to showing that war is not a glorious endeavor.

Poster is available at Poster for Humans.

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